Genius hack for frustrating aluminium foil problem wows: 'Changed my life'

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It’s a common kitchen problem many people hate. When you try to use the aluminium foil and it sticks to the remainder of the roll, making it impossible to roll out in one piece.

So you end up with strips of foil slowly peeling away from the roll, and painstakingly trying to pull it apart back to one roll.

Luckily, one person has shared a seemingly quick and easy hack that offers a clever way around it.

Chef Robbie Bell; Still frame from TikTok foil hack video
Chef Robbie Bell offers up a "life-changing" hack to stop kitchen foil from sticking on the roll. Source: TikTok/@robbiebell8

UK chef Robbie Bell, who runs much-loved Melbourne charcuterie brand City Larder, took to TikTok to demonstrate the simple way to quickly unravel foil back to new.


Robbie, who has over 500,000 followers, credits the hack to Shaun Hurrell, who he describes as “one of the UK’s best chefs.”

There's an easy way around it

Kicking off the video, Robbie rips off a small piece of aluminium foil - or tin foil - before scrunching it into a ball.

"This is one of the best kitchen hacks I've ever been shown," the chef says.

“If your tin foil ever gets knotted up like that, take a little bit off, rub it over the part where it has overlapped or it’s not working properly and it will all come away.

Still frames from Robbie Bell's TikTok foil hack video
The simple hack took about five seconds to fix the common kitchen problem. Source: TikTok/@robbiebell8

“Then just unroll the tin foil as if it were brand new.”

And that's it. Who knew there was such an easy solution to such a frustrating cooking problem?

'Did not know I needed this'

The “life-changing” hack has been viewed more than 3.3 million times and left many of Bell's followers in awe.

“Did not know I needed this until now - great tip!” One person said.

“Mate you may have actually just changed my life. This absolutely does my head in!!!” added another.

“In all my years finally this is a godsend, thanks for this. It will save a lot of swearing,” added a third.

Others said the hack had ended “years of frustration” for them after encountering the common kitchen problem on a regular basis.

Meanwhile, fans called for more kitchen hack tips - specifically when it comes to untangling cling wrap.

So stay tuned! We could see more hacks for other common kitchen problems popping up on his TikTok very soon!

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