Former royal butler reveals brutal Prince Harry snub: ‘Tough’

The former butler claims Harry was felt 'less important' than his brother.

A former royal butler has revealed the brutal snub Prince Harry copped during breakfast time as a child. Paul Burrell, who served as Princess Diana's steward, claims the Duke of Sussex was made to feel 'less important' than his brother Prince William.

Speaking to The Sun, Paul revealed the brothers were not served the same portion during breakfast when they were children, with Harry left asking why William was given three sausages while he only had two.

Paul claimed a nanny told Harry William "needs filling up more than you. He’s going to be king one day".

Prince Harry glares at William during their teenage years.
Prince Harry was reportedly only served two sausages at breakfast while William was given three. Source: Getty

"When I look back now, I think maybe I was glimpsing the dynamic at play," he told The Sun.

“One time I saw the nanny give William three sausages at breakfast and Harry had two.

“And Harry would look at his plate and say, 'How come he gets three? And I only get two?'”

Paul offered his insight into the early rivalry developing between the brothers, claiming Harry fell quiet after the comment and added while the brothers shared a strong bond in their early years, Harry had some pent-up resentment.


"I can see that Harry found it tough living up to the standard set by William," he said.

The former butler's comments come as Prince Harry releases his new memoir Spare, in which he made a number of bombshell claims about life growing up as a royal.

Among the bombshells in the book were claims he and his brother Prince William were involved in a physical fight, and accusations Queen Consort Camilla leaked stories to the press after private meetings.

The royal family is now reportedly set to hold peace talks with Prince Harry before King Charles' coronation.

Sources have revealed to The Sunday Times that peace talks may take place in the coming months between Harry, Charles and William, with one source suggesting the relationships are "fixable", but will take "flexibility on all sides".

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