Prince Harry shares intimate details of steamy night with Meghan

The Duke of Sussex spills on the pair's romantic reunion after weeks apart.

Prince Harry has recalled a night he spent with Meghan Markle early on in their relationship after spending weeks apart in the summer of 2016. The Duke of Sussex reveals the pair enjoyed a passionate reunion as they spent the night at one of the Soho House locations in London on the anniversary of Princess Diana's death.

Harry shares in the book that Meghan had instructed him to meet her at Soho House, where she was staying at the time. The pair had been together almost two months at this point, after travelling to Botswana together early on in the relationship.

In his memoir Spare, Prince Harry has shared details of a steamy night he spent with Meghan Markle early in their relationship. Photo: Netflix
In his memoir Spare, Prince Harry has shared details of a steamy night he spent with Meghan Markle early in their relationship. Photo: Netflix

As the Prince had been on a long holiday with friends, they had been apart for several weeks and were looking forward to reuniting. When Meghan finally arrived in the UK, Harry was in Althorp laying flowers on his mother's grave with Prince William.

He and his brother drove back to London, and Harry set off to meet up with Meghan.

Harry writes that Meghan had told him to meet her at the hotel and shared a secret way to enter the hotel using the freight lift. When he arrived, he met a friend of hers named Vanessa, who led him to Meghan's door, where he waited "breathlessly".


"Her arms were reaching for me," he writes. "She pulled me inside and thanked her friend in one fluid motion, then slammed the door quickly before anyone saw. I want to say we hung a 'Do Not Disturb' sign on the door. But I don't think there was time."

Harry also shares a story of how he hid under the covers of the bed the next morning when breakfast was delivered.

"Meg whispered to go into the bathroom but I preferred my hiding place," he shares.

Their breakfast was delivered by the hotel's assistant manager, who stayed to chat with Meghan.

"He didn't notice the prince-shaped lump under the duvet," he writes. "He talked and talked, and caught her up on the latest, while I, in my duvet cave, started to run out of air."

Harry shocks with story of losing his virginity

Prince Harry memoir Spare
Harry made the claims in his book Spare, which was officially released this week. Photo: Penguin Random House

It comes after Harry shocked royal fans with the admission he lost his virginity at the age of 17 in a field behind a "very busy pub", where he was treated like a "young stallion" by the older woman he was with.

Harry recalls how he was still a student at Eton College in Windsor when he was paid a visit by one of the royal family's bodyguards, Marko, who had a very "sombre look" on his face, telling the young Prince he'd been sent to "find out the truth".

He wrote, "I suspected he was referring to my recent loss of virginity, a humiliating episode with an older woman who liked macho horses and who treated me like a young stallion. I mounted her quickly, after which she spanked my a** and sent me away. One of my many mistakes was letting it happen in a field, just behind a very busy pub. No doubt someone had seen us."

However, Marko had been sent for another reason, with Harry writing that King Charles' press office had been informed a newspaper seemingly had evidence of him doing drugs, which the Duke said was "all lies".

Prior to the book's release, Liz Hurley denied rumours she was the older woman who slept with Harry when he was a teenager, telling The Times, "Not me. Not guilty. Ha!"

She added, "No. Not me. Absolutely not."

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