Five things to watch this October – from the new David Beckham documentary to the return of 'Lupin'

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Cosy nights, spooky undertones, crisp leaves underfoot: it can only be October. The most ‘autumny’ of autumn months is the perfect time for snuggling at home with quality TV in between a scary movie or three. This month, a much-anticipated four-part Netflix documentary series about David Beckham looks set to captivate and have many of us reminiscing about the late '90s and early noughties celebrity culture; a new British teen comedy comes, Everything Now, arrives just in time to ease the pain of grieving Sex Education fans; and the third season of cult French crime caper, Lupin, is back on our screens. All this, plus the opulent return of The Gilded Age and the long-awaited TV adaptation of Lessons in Chemistry, starring Brie Larson. Forget your pumpkin spice latte, we’re staying in.


david beckham
2023 © Netflix

Could he possibly be the world’s most famous footballer? He is certainly its most recognised. Now, this four-part Netflix documentary series seeks to paint the most nuanced portrait of this highly-scrutinised athlete yet. What’s even more intriguing, is that it has some seriously impressive talent at the helm; Oscar-winning documentary filmmaker Fisher Stevens (The Cove) and Oscar-winning producer Steve Battsek (Searching for Sugarman). The team were granted unprecedented access to David, his wife Victoria and their family, to give a rarely seen glimpse into the life of one of the most famous men on the planet. In so doing, it promises to be a fascinating dissection of sporting and celebrity culture.

Beckham starts streaming on Netflix from 4 October.


2023 © Netflix

Slick, funny, smart and endlessly stylish, the French crime caper Lupin is every bit as playful as the original Belle Epoque book series from Maurice Lblanc. Netflix has done an exemplary job of bringing the story bang up to date, with the effortlessly charismatic Omar Sy perfectly cast in the lead role of Assane Lupin, ‘Gentleman burglar’. Now in its third season, ‘Part 3’ will follow the cliffhanger events of the last season, and see Assane in hiding – forced to make some drastic decisions about his future and his family.

Lupin: Part 3 starts streaming on Netflix from 5 October

Lessons in Chemistry

The novel, Lessons in Chemistry, by Bonnie Garmus, was that rare thing: a genuine publishing sensation with a warm, witty and beautifully original premise. Though it was only published last year, the rights were swiftly snapped up and the TV adaptation is finally here, starring Brie Larson as Elizabeth Zott, a frustrated scientist unfairly fired from a lab in 1950s America, who decides to take her knowledge for an unconventional spin as she becomes the host of a popular TV cooking show – with a difference.

Lessons in Chemistry starts streaming on Apple TV in October.

Everything Now

everything now
2023 © Netflix

If you have a Sex Education hole in your life, let us humbly suggest Everything Now. The witty British teen comedy centres on the story of 16-year-old Mia, who is returning to school after a stay at an eating disorder clinic. She returns to find all is not quite how she left it; with new friendship dynamics, new crushes and a whole host of new problems. It is sweet, dark and funny in all the right places, and features a captivating central performance from Sophie Wilde as well as a standout supporting role from Stephen Fry.

Everything Now starts streaming on Netflix from 5 October.

The Gilded Age

the gilded age
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Not just a Met Gala theme, The Gilded Age is an equally glitteringly and compelling HBO series charting the loves, lives, secrets and scandals of the upper crust of Manhattan society at the turn of the 20th century. Its first season was an unabashed hit, and now its ludicrous bustles and puffed shoulders are back for a second – which still boasts an absurdly talented cast, including Christine Baranski and Cynthia Nixon.

The Gilded Age starts streaming on Sky Drama and NowTV from 29 October.

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