Kate Middleton's 'Favorite' Watermelon Salad Is the Easiest (and Most Delicious) Thing You'll Make This Week

This month, our country celebrates one of its most patriotic holidays, Independence Day. Recognized every year on the fourth of July, Americans all over the country gather for parades, picnics and parties to celebrate our separation from England. During the day, you’ll find festivities filled with food and fun for friends and families. And at night, you’ll be amazed by beautiful arrays of fireworks. Everyone is hot, everyone is outside and everyone is having fun.

But if any of us finds ourselves getting too hot from having too much fun, the Princess of Wales has a dish to help keep us cool during our celebration of independence. Yes, you read right. I’m talking about Kate Middleton. And the dish I’m talking about is her recipe for watermelon salad. Now her recipe wasn’t specifically made for the 4th of July, but it's the perfect chill dish to dig into when the last thing you want to do is cook. Because I currently fall into that camp (plus it sounded delicious), I decided to give it a try.

Get the recipe: Kate Middleton's Watermelon Salad

Kate Middleton's Watermelon Salad Ingredients<p>Courtesy of Dante Parker</p>
Kate Middleton's Watermelon Salad Ingredients

Courtesy of Dante Parker

Ingredients for Kate Middleton’s Watermelon Salad

To get started, you’ll need cubed watermelon, one chopped English cucumber, one chopped avocado, crumbled feta cheese, chopped mint, olive oil, the juice of one lime, apple cider vinegar and salt and pepper.

How to Make Kate Middleton’s Watermelon Salad

There's not much to making this royal recipe. It’s so simple, even a princess could do it.

Toss the watermelon, cucumber, avocado, feta cheese and mint in a bowl. Top it off with the lime, olive oil and apple cider vinegar and season with salt and pepper. That’s it! You’ve just made yourself a watermelon salad fit for a king—or queen.

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Kate Middleton's Watermelon Salad Unmixed<p>Courtesy of Dante Parker</p>
Kate Middleton's Watermelon Salad Unmixed

Courtesy of Dante Parker

What I Thought about Kate Middleton’s Watermelon Salad

I’ve never been a fan of eating anything with fruit mixed, cooked or baked into or within anything else. That goes for fruit salad, fruit cake and heck, even fruit cocktail. I’ve traditionally liked my fruit in fruit form only, but since I’ve been expanding my horizons with new recipes, things have started to change.

With that in mind, and to my surprise, this watermelon salad was great! It was very refreshing and everything paired well together. That is, everything except for the apple cider vinegar, which I found overwhelmed the dish. But if you take the vinegar out of the equation, this is nice salad to enjoy on a hot summer day. It's fresh, full of flavor and a great way to stay cool. This is a quick and easy dish that I would definitely make it again.

Kate Middleton's Watermelon Salad Final<p>Courtesy of Dante Parker</p>
Kate Middleton's Watermelon Salad Final

Courtesy of Dante Parker

Tips for Making Kate Middleton’s Watermelon Salad

Don't feel tied to the apple cider vinegar. Though the recipe calls for it, feel free to omit it if it doesn't align with your tastebuds.

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