After Seeing These 17 Mind-Bending Photos, I Am 1,000% Convinced We're All Just Living In A Simulation

If you're here, I'm sure you've heard the theory that we're all just living in a matrix? In essence, we're all a part of a long-running game of The Sims. And just like every other simulation video game, we have glitches, too.

A character with curly blond hair and glasses in a burgundy shirt stands, appearing dazed, with stars spinning around his head in a modern interior with large windows

Maybe you've experienced a glitch yourself! An unexplainable moment, a coincidence that's too coincidental, you get the picture. And while we may not have '90s Keanu Reeves to help us out (sadly), we do have these 17 reality-bending photos that show everything is not always what it seems:

Keanu Reeves in a scene from The Matrix, looking surprised with the text “Woah.”

1.These cars literally said "Ctrl+c, Ctrl+v."

Two Toyota Prius cars on a highway, one of them loaded onto a tow truck. Both cars have the exact same license plates
u/duramus / Via

2.This person's perfectly heart-shaped bruise...

A hand is held up showing a perfectly formed black heart-shaped bruise on the index fingernail
u-IDislikeBrodi / Via

3.*Screams confusedly in Simlish*

A brown chair is shown with its top going through a table
u-Alert_Morning5000 / Via

4.Why do I feel like all of these apartment addresses are binary code?

High-rise apartment buildings with repetitive, vertical patterns of windows and balconies
u-XXmynameisNeganXX / Via

5.This glitch is kinda corny, IMO...

An ear of corn with kernels arranged in a unique, patterned design
u-TerrorNaEsquinaPod / Via

6.Do they have different "party mayors?"

Two Party City stores are located next to each other in a mostly empty parking lot
Anonymous / Via

7.This is definitely the entrance to a Disney villain's lair...

A vibrant red rainbow arches across a ominous sky
u-sipthestreets / Via

8.Far too many 12's, if you ask me...

Navigation screen showing a route with 12 minutes, 12 km left to destination and the time is 12 12
u-tovasshi / Via

9.*Menacing space music*

A tall, thin vertical beam of light extends into the cloudy night sky
u-ajplant / Via

10.Cat videos, now in 3D!

A white and black cat appears to be bursting through the center of a TV screen
u-Limp_History4032 / Via

11.At least you can still read the sign!

A tree is growing over a warning sign while the paint on the sign is growing over the tree bark
u-ANTONIN118 / Via

12.Personally, I'm a big fan of double dog glitches.

Two sets of two identical dogs are sitting in a park together
u-Libss231 / Via

13.A rather egg-cellent glitch...

A broken shell with the perfectly formed whole egg that came out of it
u-jilivee / Via

14.Blue sky and clouds still loading....

A pixelated black patch appears in the middle of blue sky with fluffy white clouds
Anonymous / Via

15.This comment that was deleted in *checks notes* 1971.

A Reddit comment thread showing a comment that was deleted 53 years ago
u-YourFellaThere / Via

16.An extra dice is always nice, I guess?

Showing a complete set of six dice with a mysterious seventh dice that does not belong
u-nakupendwa / Via

17.I don't know why, but I feel like I've seen this before...

Sign in a train station says: "Déjà Vu Area. If this platform feels familiar, immediately alert an MTA employee. If you see something, say something."
u-Ill-Independent3744 / Via

Can you explain any of these "glitches?" Have you ever experienced a "glitch in the matrix" moment yourself? Let us know in the comments!

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