Farmer Wants A Wife's David and Emily's huge 'cause for celebration’: 'Just incredible'

Farmer Wants A Wife favourites David and Emily have raised a glass to their major relationship milestones.

They captured each other’s hearts on Farmer Wants A Wife from the very beginning of the show and now David McMahon and Emily have cause for celebration in their relationship.

26-year-old education aide Emily stole 29-year-old apple farmer David’s heart on the Channel Seven reality show, with Emily recently moving to his Pozieres farm so they can be together.

Farmer David and Emily from FWAW 2023
Farmer David and Emily have thrilled fans with their latest video. Photo: Instagram/@farmerdavidau

And now, in a video David posted to his Instagram account, the pair have raised a glass to a number of milestones.

“It’s a cause for celebration here on the farm today,” David said, as he sat on the couch beside Emily and their dog.

“Em just finished her first term at a school in Stanthorpe and it’s our six-month anniversary.”

The adorable couple then clinked their glasses and gave each other a sweet kiss over the exciting time in their lives.

Farmer David and Emily sitting on the couch doing a toast
The couple shared a toast to their relationship milestone. Photo: Instagram/@farmerdavidau

“Outside of that, it was about 12 months ago when I first signed up for Farmer Wants a Wife,” David continued.

“My life has completely changed for the better, and I thoroughly recommend it to any farmers out there that are willing to take the leap. It’s so worth it guys, let’s go.”

Emily added: “Yay, let’s go”


Fans were delighted to see the couple together, with one person writing: "You guys are so cute".

"Such a genuine, lovely couple. Cheers to a happy life together," another person added.

Farmer David and Emily
Farmer David picked Emily at the end of the 2023 season of Farmer Wants A Wife. Photo: Channel 7

In the caption, David added that while speaking in front of a camera still doesn’t come naturally to him, “life is just incredible”.

“Em has done an amazing job of making the transition out to the farm and every day just gets better and better,” he said.

“For all those farmers out there that think they are up for it I highly recommend joining the Farmer Wants a Wife family. You will be looked after from day 1 and although daunting the outcomes are better than you could imagine.”

David then shared a link for anyone looking to apply for the next season of the highly successful reality TV show.

Emily thrilled fans recently when she posted two adorable photos of the couple posing from the ski slopes in Perisher NSW.

Farmer David and Emily at Perisher in NSW
The couple enjoyed a holiday on the slopes in NSW. Photo: Instagram/emkate_g

“Perisher 2023,” she captioned the snaps, alongside a skier and pizza emoji.

The photos showed the loved-up pair wrapped up to fend off the winter chill, with massive smiles on their faces.

“Love seeing you two,” one fan of the couple wrote.

“Love you both so much,” another person said.

David and Emily captured viewers' hearts on the wholesome reality show, with the couple clearly becoming besotted with each other over the weeks.

"Emily you are the most genuine person I know… I know you haven't had many serious relationships, but starting today this can be your first and hopefully your last,” David told Emily during the finale episode.

However, the show didn’t go without a hitch, with heartbroken runner-up, Lorelei, fainting when she heard David’s rejection speech.

“I came here to find love and pave a future on the farm and it breaks my heart to have to tell you… I've fallen so heavily for someone else,” David said.

Lorelei was seen looking pale and stumbling forward before a producer rushed in with a stool and some water for her to sip.

Farmer Wants a Wife Emily and David
The couple looked loved-up in a series of snaps. Photo: Instagram/emkate_g

While Lorelei may have been left devastated by David’s decision, things between him and Emily are going from strength to strength.

She recently opened up to 7Life about her massive move from Brisbane to David’s apple farm in Pozieres.


"I'm just so used to my routine and I knew that was going to change but I was excited to get involved with the community here... I was really fortunate that things kind of moved quickly, so nothing's been really that hard," she said.

Emily has started working at a local primary school and teaches dance classes in the community.

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