Bachelor's Georgia Love slams pregnancy rumour: 'What the actual?'

The Bachelorette's Georgia Love has fired up at commenters on her Instagram page for speculating that she may be pregnant in her most recent video.

Georgia, who married Lee Elliott in a stunning ceremony in Tasmania in March, was forced to jump into the comments section to call out the commenters, asking them: “What the actual f***?”.

Georgia Love selfie
Georgia Love has fired back at commenters sugesting she might be pregnant. Photo: Instagram/Georgia Love

The video in question showed Georgia reporting for 7News on a pub in Port Melbourne where people can get a free pint if they’ve received the COVID-19 vaccine.

Georgia is doing Dry July in an effort to raise money for Pancare Foundation, an Aussie charity fighting pancreatic, liver, biliary, oesophageal and stomach cancer.


However, some of her followers took it upon themselves to question Georgia about whether or not she is pregnant, despite the fact Georgia has been vocal about her reasons for participating in Dry July.

“Are you pregnant? Not because you look it but because of the vibe you’re giving,” one person asked, with Georgia simply replying: “No”.

Georgia Love screenshots of pregnancy rumours
'What the actual f***' Georgia commented. Photo: Instagram/Georgia Love

Another person commented with an emoji of a pregnant woman, prompting Georgia to write: “How am I clearly pregnant? Are you saying I look like I have a big belly? And/or are you suggesting I am lying about doing Dry July for the sole purpose of raising funds and awareness for the cancer that killed my Mum?”

The comments didn’t stop there, with another person saying: “Look at that tummy touch, baby perhaps.” they also added a winking face emoji.

“I’m not pregnant. The fact that you are winking suggesting I may be and you’ll be in your high horse when I announce it is so incredibly offensive. What if I was trying and really struggling? What if I’d been told I can’t have kids? What if I don’t want them? What if I had body confidence issues that you’ve just absolutely shat on in one thoughtless post? Think before you comment again,” Georgia hit back.

Georgia's followers applauded her for hitting back at the comments, with one person writing: ““These ‘is she pregnant’ comments are making me infuriated. Infertility is real for sooo many women and for people to still be asking this question in 2021 is disgusting. Just stop.”

“I’m actually in shock at how some of you treat people. Friggen disgusting,” another said.

Georgia Love and Lee Elliott on their wedding day.
Georgia Love and Lee Elliott on their wedding day. Photo: Instagram/steph_thompson_

Georgia Love and Lee Elliott tie the knot

Georgia and her bachelorette beau Lee Elliott said ‘I do’ in front of a stunning floral archway, followed by a reception at Shene Distillery in Tasmania in March.

The couple were forced to cancel their original nuptials in Italy due to the coronavirus border restrictions in 2020.

Georgia looked stunning in a strapless, crisp white gown by Australian designer Jason Grech. The bride held a bouquet of white roses and swept her hair up into a modern updo.

She also donned a veil and a pearl bracelet to accessorise her bridal look.

“Literal dream come true,” Georgia wrote on Instagram, alongside a photo of the couple posing for the photographer.

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