FWAW shock exit: Farmer declares he's 'found the one' and quits show

One of the farmers will reportedly bow out of the show this week after finding love.

It’s one of the most wholesome reality TV shows in Australia, with a pretty impressive success rate when it comes to the couples, however, this week controversy will reportedly take over the Farmer Wants A Wife filming.

According to Woman’s Day, one of the farmers will sensationally quit the show after finding ‘the one’, leaving the other women vying for his heart speechless.

“The farmer feels bad about letting down the other women but his heart is already made up,” a source told the publication.

Farmer Wants A Wife cast
One Farmer will reportedly quit the show this week. Photo: Channel 7


“He feels he has really found the one. There's no point wasting the others' time by stringing them along.”

The other women are said to wish the new couple all the best, despite the shock.

It comes after Farmer Andrew was left shocked during last night’s episode of the show, when Nurse Lucie decided to make a surprise exit.

After a tumultuous country ball, where she clashed with Maddison, Lucie decided to tearfully pen Farmer Andrew a goodbye note.

Farmer Wants A Wife cast
The Farmer's remaining ladies will reportedly take the exodus in their stride. Photo: Channel 7

“Unfortunately, I have decided to leave earlier than I had anticipated. I need to put myself first and this is not the environment for me.” she wrote in a letter to the farmer.

“Although I'm disappointed that we never got the opportunity to explore what could have been, I think you're a great match, and I really think you could find your happy ending.”

Farmer Wants A Wife is a ratings winner for Channel 7 this year, with the network mixing things up slightly by adding Samantha Armytage to the hosting gig.

She's proven to be a major hit with the FWAW viewers, after meeting her own husband, Richard Lavendar in slightly similar circumstances to the cast.

Samantha Armytage in a brown and white striped dress
Samantha Armytage has stepped up as the host of this year's show. Photo: Channel 7

“We met at a party originally. And it was like a Farmer Wants a Wife set up a little,” she told 7Life. about meeting Richard in 2019.

“I was matched by a mutual friend of ours. They kind of knew that we’d be good together.”

“I always knew I needed to be in nature and on the land, but you just have to wait. Life is all about timing.

“And when the time was right, I did it."

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