Farmer Wants A Wife star blasts show for 'disgusting' edit after receiving death threats

EXCLUSIVE: The contestant certainly didn’t hold back when sharing their thoughts on the series.

Farmer Wants A Wife's Farmer Todd with his final three ladies.
One of this year’s Farmer Wants A Wife contestants has slammed the show. Photo: Channel Seven

It’s historically one of the most wholesome reality shows in Australia, but one of this year’s Farmer Wants A Wife contestants has come out blasting the series for the “disgusting” way they were portrayed on TV. Daisy Lamb, who found love with Farmer Todd Melbourne, tells Yahoo Lifestyle she’s outraged by her ‘edit’ and the subsequent backlash she received online.

“I think the way that production portrayed our story was disgusting,” she shares, just over one week after the season wrapped up on TV. “They chose to air highly edited scenes in which conversations never occurred and damaged the character of not only us but also our friends and family, as well as multiple girls during the series.

“They portrayed us in such a way that brought us into public disrepute, so much so that we received death threats.”


The 28-year-old gym manager went on to say that producers would’ve had a much better series if they had shown “the real story” of herself and Todd falling in love, but instead they “chose to disrespect and degrade us publicly”.

“Todd and I are lucky that we survived the public backlash because most people wouldn’t cope with the pressure of public opinion, even though they have been led to believe something that is not real,” she added. “We know who we are and are grateful for the support we’ve had.”

Farmer Wants A Wife's Daisy Lamb and Farmer Todd Melbourne.
‘Todd and I are lucky that we survived the public backlash because most people wouldn’t cope with the pressure of public opinion.’ Photo: Channel Seven

When asked if she has any advice to offer next season’s participants, Daisy says it’s important to give everything “a red hot go”.

“Enjoy your time and be true to yourself - when will you ever get the chance to do this again?” she remarks.

“Remember there is no ‘girl code’ - you are there to find love with your person. Yes, it can be uncomfortable in a situation with multiple women dating the same man, but you need to focus on your own relationship because, at the end of the day, you don’t marry the girls in the house.”


This certainly isn’t the first time Daisy has spoken out about her experience on the show as she took to her Instagram Stories earlier this week to say she has plenty of advice to offer the 2025 cast.

“If any girlies applying for S15 of FWAW wanna have a chat… HMU,” she wrote. “I'll tell you the honest truth about the whole experience and give you a play by play of the many ways in which production can AND will f**k you over.”

She also called out the show in defence of her co-star Ellen, who was ‘edited out’ and received very little screen time. Ellen, who was also a contestant on Farmer Todd’s farm, shared a post last month saying she was thankful to viewers who had sent emails to Channel Seven “complaining about my obvious omission from the edit”.

“A big F**K YOU to production who did you so dirty (still pisses me off),” Daisy commented on Ellen’s post.

Yahoo Lifestyle has contacted Channel Seven for comment.

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