Farmer Wants A Wife's bitter breakup: What you need to know

Sophie has shared more details of her split with Farmer Brenton, saying she was 'deeply hurt'.

Sophie Holcombe found love with Brenton on the 2023 season of Farmer Wants A Wife, but not long after announcing their breakup, things are getting messy between the pair.

What you need to know

  • Sophie and Brenton found love on this year's Farmer Wants A Wife, and after the May finale Sophie revealed she had been living with Brenton for five months.

  • However, the couple announced their shock breakup in early August. Sophie hinted the split wasn't amicable, calling it 'disappointing'.

  • Sophie has taken to Instagram to say she has been 'deeply hurt' by the situation and that she tried her 'absolute best' to build a lifelong relationship.

  • Brenton, who's kept pretty quiet, then uploaded an Instagram story of his face Photoshopped on a body dodging bullets in what appeared to be a passive-aggressive clap back.

Farmer Brenton and Sophie Holcombe have split
Brenton and Sophie found love on Farmer Wants A Wife 2023, but announced their split in August. Photo: Seven

🗣️ What they said

Sophie speaks out: "I took this experience seriously. I was ready to find love. I lived with Brenton for over six months and went through a lot. I will never publicly share these details. I loved him and I was deeply hurt by the situation."

Sophie on the rumours she and Brenton didn't work because of her desire to travel: "I don't want to travel, if I did, I'd be doing it right now. I was forced by producers to bring this up. Also doesn't every normal person want to go on a holiday once in their life?"

Brenton's passive-aggressive Instagram post about the break up: "Dodging bullets."

Sophie addressed Brenton's post in an exclusive interview with Yahoo Lifestyle: "The dodging bullets story was directed at me. It was posted the same day I made a statement addressing the nasty online commentary".

Brenton finally broke his silence about his split with Sophie to Yahoo Lifestyle: "We still seemed to be OK then she blocked me off social media. Then goss (rumours) started flying around the community about someone new on the scene," he said.

"I know there’s going to be a time when hopefully we both move on but If the rumours are true I felt it was a little disrespectful to happen as soon as it did."

Farmer Brenton photoshopped on someone dodging bullets
Farmer Brenton has kept pretty quiet about his breakup with Sophie. Photo:

🗓️ What happens next?

Sophie disclosed she's still living regionally in Gippsland Victoria, after relocating from Brisbane earlier this year.

"I took a job opportunity and moved to a new town without any friends and family. Luckily it has been a very happy experience and Reg [Sophie's dog] and I are very settled and going well."

Farmer Wants A Wife is currently casting for its 2024 season.

For more about the messy break up, read our exclusive interview with Sophie here.

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