Farmer Wants A Wife's Sophie 'heartbroken' by breakup with Brenton

EXCLUSIVE: Sophie has revealed she's no longer in regular contact with Farmer Brenton after their shock split.

Following her public Instagram statement about her split with Farmer Brenton, Farmer Wants A Wife's Sophie Holcombe has set the record straight on the breakup, her future plans, and where she stands with Brenton now.

Speaking to Yahoo Lifestyle, Sophie confirmed that she was no longer in regular contact with Farmer Brenton.

"Brenton and I mutually parted, but are no longer in regular communication. I wish him all the best for a happy future," she said.

She also addressed Brenton's pointed Instagram story — where he uploaded a Photoshop of his head on someone dodging bullets — saying the post was directed at her.

"The dodging bullets story was directed at me. It was posted the same day I made a statement addressing the nasty online commentary," Sophie said.

Farmer Brenton instagram story of man dodging bullets
Farmer Brenton uploaded a telling Instagram Story after Sophie made a statement about their split. Photo:

"When you go on reality TV you are putting yourself in a position to receive negative feedback however no one deserves to be attacked, especially during a breakup," she added.


'I would never have signed up'

Sophie also addressed the rumours surrounding their breakup, after it was made to look like on the show that she wasn't ready to settle on the farm and wanted to go travelling instead.

"The breakup had absolutely nothing to do with me not wanting to live on the farm or wanting to go on a holiday," she told Yahoo Lifestyle.

"This adventurous storyline was produced simply to create controversy. I would never have signed myself up for a show like this if I wasn’t willing to make a life-long commitment to both the farmer and the farm," Sophie said about her FWAW edit.

"I truly loved Brenton and was heartbroken by the outcome. I went through a lot and I am sad this is how it has ended."

Farmer Brenton and Sophie pictured on a couch during Farmer Wants A Wife reunion
Farmer Brenton and Sophie in happier times. Photo: Seven

'No plans to travel'

Sophie doubled down on her lack of travel plans when opening up about her future now that she's settled in Gippsland, Victoria, after moving interstate for Brenton.

"I settled in quickly to life in Darriman. I found work, joined the local netball club and loved helping out on the farm. My dog was also having the time of his life and Brenton’s family welcomed me in like I was their own daughter," she said.


"I will continue living in regional Victoria for the foreseeable future. I do not have any plans to travel overseas: this is something I may not do until I am retired. I would never have bought up travelling if I wasn’t prompted by producers as it’s definitely not a priority for me."

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