Farmer Wants A Wife shares first look at Sam Armytage's new role

It’s been over a year since Samantha Armytage shocked viewers and quit her role on Sunrise, and now fans have their first look at her long-awaited TV return on Farmer Wants A Wife.

The Channel Seven star, who now lives in the country with her husband Richard Lavender, features in a new trailer for the dating series where she speaks about her exciting role.

Samantha Armytage in the Farmer Wants A Wife trailer.
Samantha Armytage will return to Channel Seven later this year on Farmer Wants A Wife. Photo: Channel Seven

“I fell in love with a farmer myself, so I can't wait to help them find the one,” she says.

The trailer also showcases the five farmers who are set to begin their journey for love in season eleven.

“Love, it underpins who I am. I want to give my life to someone,” farmer Will, 26 remarks.


“Love is something you just can't live without,” farmer Harry, 23, adds, while farmer Ben, 27, shares, “I hope to find a wife and get married”.

“Let’s have a yarn, let’s have a chinwag!” Farmer Benjamin, 33, continues.

The show will also feature 27-year-old Paige - who is only the second female farmer to star in the series - on her search for love.

“I know my guy is out there. I just haven't met him yet,” she says.

‘Why didn’t I apply’

After the trailer was posted on social media, a number of fans took to the comments to express their excitement about the new season.

“I am so ready for this!” one person wrote, while another added, “There are some cuties this year”.

“THANK HEAVENS! I was having withdrawals guys,” a third shared, followed by someone else who replied, “Love the new advertisement for the show, can't wait”.

Farmer Will also seems to be an early fan favourite, with many people admitting that they would’ve gone on the show for him.

“Having strong regrets about not applying for Farmer Will,” one fan said, while another agreed, “Damn why didn’t I apply for this season”.

“Farmer Will is a bit of a charmer,” a different user remarked, with someone else writing, “He looks like Zac Efron”.

Farmer Will in the Farmer Wants A Wife trailer.
A number of followers expressed their regret about not going on the show to meet Farmer Will. Photo: Channel Seven

Sam’s return to TV

It was first announced in October that Samantha would be a special guest on the 2022 season of Farmer Wants A Wife alongside host Natalie Gruzlewski.

Channel Seven shared a statement last year explaining that Sam will “help the farmers and ladies on their road to finding real love”, where she will introduce each farmer to a new lady based on her own expertise and experience.

“I'm thrilled to be joining Farmer Wants A Wife in 2022,” she said. “I've always been a huge fan of the show and of country people, and I know first-hand that falling in love with a farmer is just about the most wonderful thing you can do.”

Seven’s Network Director of Programming, Angus Ross, said: “It’s fantastic to welcome Sam back to our screens. Farmer Wants A Wife has been such a hit with audiences because of its heart and Natalie’s earnest mission to help farmers find the love of their lives. Given Sam’s new life on the farm, she’s in the perfect position to share a snapshot of what farm life could look like for the ladies.”

Farmer Wants A Wife is coming soon to Channel Seven.

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