Farmer Wants a Wife stars reveal what really happens behind the scenes of dates: 'Completely change it'

EXCLUSIVE: Farmer Wants a Wife's Bert and Dustin spill all on how they set up their dates.

Farmer Wants A Wife stars Bert Harris and Dustin Manwaring have revealed whether or not the farmer really set up dates on the show. It comes following the farmers' first 24-hour solo dates aired on Monday night, with fans in disbelief that the men actually set up the dates themselves.

"Who sets up the date decor?? I'm positive the farmers don’t!" one fan wrote on Facebook.

Another user responded, "If you think the farmers do then you're up there with Santa Claus and Bugs Bunny - the WHOLE SHOW is staged staged staged."

Farmer Wants A Wife's Bert and Caity kiss
Farmer Wants A Wife's Bert and Caity enjoy their 24-hour solo date. Photo: Seven

Yahoo Lifestyle found out the truth from the source, asking Bert and Dustin what really happened behind the scenes of the dates.

"They're all based off of our ideas," Bert tells us. "I guess there's probably some bits that are added into it that maybe were suggested. But, you know, they're all our ideas of a date, like sitting at the dam and just having a bit of a picnic or whatever, or just somewhere nice on the property – that is probably something that we would do.


"And that's our idea, and maybe we wouldn't have as many candles as what you see. I don't own a single candle," he says with a smile, as Dustin adds that there are also way more "cushions" than what he would set up.

Speaking about the setup, Bert says, "They definitely gave me the opportunity to set them up. And then when I put them out there, then they just went and fixed it all."

Farmer Dustin and Sophie on their 24-hour date
Farmer Dustin tells us that producers come in and "make it more comfortable and prettier" than they had originally done. Photo: Seven

"Yeah, you like do your little set up and then they just come in and completely change it," Dustin quips. "Like, I thought it was good!"


Dustin adds that when it came to planning dates, he quickly found himself running out of places on the farm to have dates.

"Because it's not very often you do this sort of thing, and I'd just go out the back on the veranda or something, have beers or whatever," he says. "But it's generally your idea and they obviously just make it more comfortable and prettier, and probably better food than what I would provide and stuff like that. I probably wouldn't bring Champagne!"

Farmer Wants A Wife airs Sunday, Monday and Tuesday on 7 and 7Plus.

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