Farmer Wants A Wife Exclusive: Insider spills real reason behind 'rude' farmer's relationship breakdown

An insider from Farmer Tom's farm has revealed why he and Sarah C didn't work out.

Farmer Wants A Wife's Farmer Tom and Sarah
Farmer Wants a Wife's Sarah Cranley announced this week that she and Farmer Tom had split. Photo: Seven

Farmer Wants A Wife star Sarah Cranley announced she and Farmer Tom Boyer had called it quits with a lengthy statement on Monday morning after the reunion aired on Sunday night. In her statement, it didn't sound like the pair ended on good terms, with Sarah writing, "Relationships don't always work and people are not always who you think they are. I can hold the knowledge that I gave my all to the experience and our relationship during and since the show, and I am really proud of that."

Tom's runner-up Krissy Smith added fuel to the fire that things ended badly by commenting on the post, "Sarah ❤️ so perfectly said! You should hold your head and heart so high, chick. I couldn’t have asked to go through what we did with anyone else!

"I could write a novel about how incredible you are and how deserving of a big, fulling and romantic love you are but you know already! I’m proud you are standing up for what you deserve and nothing less! Bigger and wayyy better things are coming xxx."

Farmer Tom and his Farmer Wants A Wife ladies
Apparently, Farmer Tom is not on speaking terms with any of the ladies from his farm. Photo: Seven

An unnamed lady from Farmer Tom's farm tells Yahoo Lifestyle, "Farmer Tom was rude!" Adding, "We are not surprised at all that he split for Sarah C so quickly after the show. We knew it was coming."

"Farmer Tom is not on speaking terms with any of the girls on the show and it is a testament to Sarah C for keeping the real story a secret for this long," the insider continues. "We are all really silenced from telling our story until the show airs but now the show has finished Sarah C could have easily gone to town exposing him on her Instagram. Instead choosing to praise the friendship of the other women and leaving out the details of what went wrong."


She claims that "producers certainly had their work cut out for them making him look appealing", which left them "frustrated".

"Throughout filming we all scratch our heads with how they would tell his story," she says. "It was almost exciting waiting to see how they made his story work."

Farmer Tom and two of his ladies
Our unnamed insider said, "It wasn't a surprise to us that they didn't show you much of what happened at his farm." Photo: Seven

Our insider reveals that she and the other girls were told that "the farmers take priority in getting a hero edit".

"So, it wasn't a surprise to us that they didn't show you much of what happened at his farm," she adds.

After the first woman left Tom's farm, she famously slammed the car door in his face. There was little explanation as to why, but another insider from the farm reveals, "She was furious with Farmer Tom's immaturity and rudeness."

Krissy and Farmer Tom
Our source claims Krissy was glad she wasn't chosen by Tom. Photo: Seven

"There was this constant buzzing about why he was barely in the show’s final edit, and it wasn’t because he was too quiet, which people kept saying," they add. "It was certainly not because of that, it was because he was unpleasant to all of the girls and left the entire selection of women with a bad taste in their mouth. You could imagine one or two girls having an issue, but he had them all offside."

The insider continues, "When you watch the show, you have no idea what the girls have been through. I know Krissy was really happy he didn’t pick her. He didn't handle that well at all, and [Krissy] is another person I have massive respect for not calling him out publicly."


It seems that another of the issues behind the breakdown of his relationship with Sarah was Tom's lack of sacrifice to make it work.

"He has some growing up to do," our source shares. "I hope Channel Seven does a better job of picking more suitable blokes for next year."

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