'You lied!': Fans slam MAFS after being left dissapointed by cheating scandal

Married At First Sight's Michael at a dinner party
Married At First Sight is getting slammed for pretending to have video footage of Michael and Hayley's cheating scandal. Photo: Channel Nine

Married At First Sight is getting slammed online after the show advertised for a week that there was video evidence of the Hayley Vernon and Michael Goonan's cheating scandal but nothing was shown on last night’s episode.

Fans were excited to see said video that had been mentioned throughout the ads for a week and were left bitterly disappointed when the episode ended without any footage in

The episode saw the return of contestants who had left the experiment including Mikey, Poppy and Cathy.

Fans were very excited to see the return of Vanessa and Chris who were there when Michael and Hayley hooked up, but left the show abruptly before they could what they saw that night.

Rumours began swirling that Vanessa had video of the evening, much to the horror of Stacey and Michael, however, it turns out that it simply wasn't true.

Vanessa told the cameras she told a "white lie" and made up the video in the hopes that Michael would become nervous enough to admit what he had done.

Meanwhile, Chris came forward and said he never even saw Michael and Hayley kiss. Seriously?

When it was revealed at the girls' night that there was no video, Stacey was clearly relieved.

Australia, however, was not.

However, Vanessa then revealed that Michael wasn't the only person to cheat on the show and that Stacey had, in fact, hooked up with someone else.

Michael seemingly confirmed this during an interview with Nova 100’s Chrissie, Sam & Browny when he was asked where it went wrong with the couple.

He responded, “Good question. There was a very crucial little hint that was said last night and that’s the little clue.”

When asked if he was referring to the comment about Stacey cheating on him, he said, “I don’t know, I’m not going to speculate anything but imagine if that was true, imagine a guy that’s literally getting been torn apart every single week, for a kissing allegation, changing this whole life, running around and jumping over hoops for this girl, just imagine... I’ve changed everything, I’ve literally become a saint you know...”

It looks like things are about to unravel for one of Married At First Sight’s only 'happy' couples.

Channel Nine have been contacted for comment.

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