Fans notice bizarre detail in Orlando Bloom’s naked photo: ‘OMG’

Nearly five years after making headlines for paddleboarding naked, Orlando Bloom has once again shocked fans with a nude photo.

The 44-year-old took to Instagram to share a gallery of himself skinny-dipping in a lake, with one snap showing the actor completely naked with only a peach emoji covering his behind.

Orlando Bloom in a suit.
Orlando shocked fans with his latest post on social media. Photo: Instagram/orlandobloom

While the photo features Orlando standing in the nude giving a thumbs up while he faces the lake, his followers have noticed a particularly strange detail.

Online users pointed out that there are a number of fully-clothed people on the opposite side of the water who would be able to see everything.

“That family on the other side,” one person commented alongside the staring eyes emoji.

“If they only knew how lucky they are,” another replied, with someone else adding, “They got the Full Bloom”.

A different follower noted that Orlando is actually holding a towel between his legs to cover himself.

Orlando Bloom naked.
Fans thought that Orlando was exposing himself to people across the lake. Photo: Instagram/orlandobloom

Other fans complimented his muscular physique, with one suggesting that he start an account on the adult content subscription service OnlyFans.

Orlando’s fiancée Katy Perry also commented on the post, writing: “Babe, I leave you for two days.”


The Carnival Row actor made waves back in 2016 when he was papped in the nude on a paddleboard in Sardinia with Katy.

He addressed the full-frontal photos on The Howard Stern Show in 2019, saying that things aren’t always what they seem.

“It is really not that big,” he said. “Things are expanded on cameras with a big optical lens. It is an optical illusion.”

Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry.
Katy and Orlando got engaged in 2019 and welcomed their daughter Daisy Dove in 2020. Photo: Instagram/orlandobloom

Orlando added that he had “no idea” that the photos existed until he received a call from his publicist.

“First of all, there were pictures with a block over it. And you make some jokes like, ‘Have you got a black box big enough to cover it?’,” he began.

“And then you suddenly realise somebody is going to uncover the black box because they are going to be paid enough. It's a triple-whammy. Photos, black box, then no black box.”

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