'Naked' roller skater shocks onlookers with body paint outfit

A woman has been able to go rollerskating almost completely naked after a talented body painter tricked passersby.

Body painter Paul Roustan painted the vintage rollerskating outfit on model Sawyer Croft to see if they could convince the public into thinking she was wearing clothes. Would you have been able to tell?

Sawyer Croft goes skating in body paint
Model Sawyer Croft goes skating in body paint. Photo: Caters News

Paul, from California, has been body painting for the past 16 years and often films videos of his models going out in public in an attempt to see people's reactions.

"I have seen Sawyer rollerskating on that strand before and I decided I had to paint her in a vintage rollerskating outfit," the 41-year-old said.


"She's a model that I have painted over 40 times after I first approached her in 2014."

But not everyone was fooled by the body paint, as some people took a second look at the roller skater to check what she was wearing.

model wears body paint in public
Only a few people took a second look at her 'outfit'. Photo: Caters News

Paul added: "Usually, people don't notice but because Sawyer is such an incredible skater, people naturally watch her as she's doing tricks so more people tend to notice.

"It's difficult for people to spot because it doesn't seem possible; it's confusing to look at.

"It can take around three hours to paint someone."

It comes after Paul and another model recently shocked beachgoers with a 'naked' swimsuit.

Kapila May could be seen in a video online confidently walking past hundreds of beach goers while just wearing body paint - but the prank seemingly worked as only a few people took a double glance.

"I'm fascinated with fooling the public; I'm a bit rebellious and fearless and I like the idea of doing things that people don't notice," Paul said.

Additional reporting by Caters News.

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