Bachelor's Abbie Chatfield's startling confession while rewatching finale

Abbie Chatfield took fans on a little trip down memory lane as she watched her season finale of The Bachelor where Matt Agnew sadly chose Chelsie McLeod over her.

However, despite Abbie claiming other people from the seventh season of the show don't speak very highly of Matt, she only had positive things to say.

Abbie Chatfield cuddles Matt Agnew
Former Bachelor star Abbie Chatfield has revealed she still loves Matt Agnew, despite the fact he didn't ultimately choose her on the show. Photo: Ten

Taking to her Instagram Stories, Abbie told her followers, "Honestly, I will not stand for an iota of Matt slander, he is the nicest man I've ever met."

When Abbie first saw Matt onscreen she said, "He's so beautiful, isn't he?"

She wasn't quite so happy to see his friends, as one of them, Kate, clearly disliked her.


When Kate and the other friend questioned Matt about Abbie, who was only 23 at the time, he didn't bat an eyelid.

"See, he still defended me," Abbie said about the moment. "He was so beautiful to me. No matter what anyone says, he was so hot, and smart, and funny. You know, we love Matt."

"Just, you know, too bad it didn't work out," she added.

"We can't force people to love us, you know. I wish we could!" the podcast host laughed.

Matt Agnew and Abbie Chatfield at the beach
Matt's friend Kate took an instant dislike to Abbie, causing a lot of tension. Photo: Ten

Abbie did admit that she was "really young" at the time, but added that Kate's questioning made her angry.

Kate didn't seem to believe Abbie was on the show for the right reasons, with Abbie telling her followers, "Now that I’m watching this, I’m pissed off."

"I said to you [Kate] that my mother had been divorced twice, and that I hadn’t seen a real marriage – so getting married would be like winning the lottery. That’s what I said. That’s how I feel still."

Abbie added that she told Kate she'd marry someone if they were the right person and wanted kids at some stage, but couldn't "put a timer on it" because she was "dating someone who is dating 20 other people".

"Do you want me to start tracking my ovulation when I’m 23 and on a dating show?" she questioned.

Abbie also added that while a lot of contestants said they wanted to be married within a couple years of their seasons, we haven't seen any of them walk down the aisle, alluding to the fact anyone will say anything to win the show.

Abbie Chatfield and Matt Agnew in front of the Opera House and Harbour Bridge
Abbie conceded that she probably was quite young to be on the show. Photo: Ten

She also revealed she cried for an hour after her chat with Kate, "In the car, I was crying like a baby… because of how hideous this conversation was."

Speaking of her feelings for Matt at the time, she said, "That was legitimate."

"I loved him. I still care about him a lot. Matt and I got along so f***ing well, why would [Kate] be surprised? It’s borderline slander of me, of my character. It’s a character assassination."

Abbie also said Kate tried to claim she was a party girl and didn't have the same interests as Matt, but Abbie clarified she was actually working full-time, studying and if her friends wanted her to go out they'd have to force her.

She also added that no one on a reality show would lie about being in love with the person because it's so hard to be on the show away from your loved ones for so long, so if you can stick it out so long, you'd have to be in love with them.

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