Fans dub Jessica Alba's new Netflix movie 'worst original ever'

"This movie seriously made me wonder if it was written by AI. The plot was wackadoodle."

Jessica Alba in Trigger Warning on Netflix
Fans have slammed Jessica Alba's newest movie Trigger Warning, with some calling it the 'worst Netflix original ever'. Photo: Netflix

Fans have slammed Jessica Alba's newest movie Trigger Warning, with some calling it the "worst Netflix original ever". Despite this, the movie is currently sitting in the streamer's number-one spot this week.

The film, which was released on the streaming platform last week, stars Jessica as Special Forces commando Parker. Parker is on active duty overseas when she gets a call from her hometown to inform her of her father's sudden passing. When she returns home, she attempts to find out what happened to her father and is unsure who she can trust. Parker soon finds herself at odds with a violent gang as she attempts to find the truth.

The trailer shows Jessica involved in countless action sequences, with many fans commenting that she "hasn't aged", but many other social media users haven't been able to get past how bad they think the movie is.


"Trigger Warning might be the worst Netflix original ever produced," one Reddit user wrote.

"It is, arguably, the worst Netflix original I've seen to date (15 year Netflix member)," another agreed. "There ought to be a law restricting how many cliches a script can use without a lawsuit. There isn't, and Trigger Warning proves it."

"The acting? I'm a fan of Jessica Alba, and know how difficult it is for any actress over the age of 22 to get a decent part in Hollywood; but damn, I wish she had waited. This is doing her no good whatsoever."

They continued, "According to Netflix, this is 'The #1 Movie' this week. Oh. My. God. Skip this one. Try one of the dumber than a box of hair Extraction movies with [Chris] Hemsworth. They're just as much mind numbing, but more fun. And for female action hero flicks - anything with Charlize Theron. There are a few on Netflix now."

Trigger Warning on Netflix
Fans were less than complimentary of the movie on social media. Photo: Netflix

"Just remember. Netflix wants to kill movie theatres so this will be the standard movie going forward if they are successful," a third responded. "So when you see a preview for a new movie and think 'that looks great, but I’ll wait for it to be streaming' those movies won’t get made."

"This movie seriously made me wonder if it was written by AI. The plot was wackadoodle," a fourth said.

"I just watched it as it was No.1 on Netflix. It was soooo bad I had to check everyone else’s view," someone else added. "Lesson learned, check reviews before wasting 2 hour on a Netflix recommendation."

Many were also annoyed at the insinuation that a petite woman could beat large men in hand-to-hand combat.

"Terrible. Totally laughable for a female with Alba's petite build. Beating professional, trained combatants. In hand to hand combat," one user said. "I know it's Netflix. But come on. The fight scenes were comical."

Some, however, loved the flick, with one Reddit user writing, "I actually ended up really liking it. Not like the most amazing movie I've ever seen, but the movie spent the first 2 acts making me want to see Jessica Alba kill the Swann family, and the third act delivered.

"Don't know what these guys are talking about with the choreography being bad, there was some really clever and fun stunts... Was not expecting to enjoy the movie at all when I saw the ratings, but I'd give it a solid 6 or 7."


"Badass!! The movie is so good. This is thrilling action film," an Instagram user wrote on a post shared by Jessica.

"Just watched it yesterday 😍 it was awesome," another said.

"Girl I watched this today and I loved it, your acting and fighting was insane!" a third said.

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