Emma Watkins' surprising reason for postponing her wedding

Emma Watkins made a splash in 2012 when she became the very first female member of the popular children’s group The Wiggles.

Since leaving the group in 2021, she has put her focus on finishing her PhD and making a difference in the Deaf community.

After getting engaged in April last year, fans also expected to see a wedding on the cards, but Emma has now said that her plans are on hold as she and her fiancé, Oliver Brian, prioritise spending time with family.

Emma Watkins in a Wiggles outfit, she wears a yellow skivvy, yellow and black bows on her head, and a black skirt with the underside yellow tulle.
Emma Watkins was the first ever female Wiggle. Photo: Supplied

Chatting to Now to Love, Emma said, “We have tried [to plan], but now we've had a bit of time to be able to see our families as well. That was a real choice to be able to spend more time with both of our families, especially now that we have new little nephews.

“The little one is three, and the older one knows how to FaceTime us constantly. For him to be able to call on his own schedule is just hilarious.”


Emma was previously married to fellow Wiggles star, Lachlan Gillespie, and fans were shocked when they announced their divorce in 2018.

The pair maintained that their friendship came first and even continued working together.

Emma also met her current fiancé, Oliver, while working on The Wiggles and they announced their engagement by sharing a sweet snap on Instagram.

“When life gets more sparkly,” she wrote alongside the photo.

Emma Watkins in a red dress, glasses, and holding up her hand to show off her engagement ring, next to Oliver Brian in a checkered shirt and black hat.
Emma Watkins and fiancé Oliver Brian announced their engagement in 2021. Photo: Instagram/emmawatkinsofficial
Emma watkins in glasses and a black top poses next to Oliver Brian, in a black t-shirt. A fluffy brown dog is in front of them.
Emma Watkins and fiancé Oliver Brian are all smiles. Photo: Instagram/emmawatkinsofficial

Emma shared an emotional post late last year about her time spent as one of The Wiggles.

“I’ll certainly miss driving the Big Red Car with Anthony, Lachy and Simon singing along with me,” she wrote alongside a photo of the band performing to a large crowd of people.

“Waving to everyone as we would drive by is one of my favourite memories. Lachy used to have the music in a headphone (in-ears) and he would tap on my shoulder to keep me in time.”

16-year-old Tsehay Hawkins has since stepped in as the new Yellow Wiggle, currently on the road with fellow band members Anthony, Lachy and Simon on their arena tour, Fruit Salad TV Big Show.

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