Drew Barrymore surprises with 'iconic' transformation: 'Something wrong'

The talk show host left her audience in hysterics.

Drew Barrymore left her fans in fits of giggles after she underwent a surprising transformation on the set of The Drew Barrymore Show. The actress and talk show host, 46, interviewed M3GAN actress Allison Williams this week and instead of doing a regular interview, Drew decided to dress up as the movie's title character, leaving Allison stunned.

Drew got into character with a costume, wig and coloured contacts, which refused to stay in place, giving her a very creepy look indeed.

Drew Barrymore as M3GAN
Drew Barrymore has left fans stunned after undergoing a surprise transformation into M3GAN for an interview with one of the film's stars. Photo: CBS

In the film, Allison's character Gemma creates M3GAN, a hyper-realistic AI doll, in the hopes it will be a friend for her recently orphaned niece, Cady. However, M3GAN, which stands for Model 3 Generative Android, soon becomes violent, taking its role as Cady's protector to extreme heights. While it is marketed as a horror film, audiences have found M3GAN to be incredibly funny.

Allison appeared shocked to see Drew in character but played along as best she could, with Drew doing things from the film such as M3GAN's infamous run on all fours and dance moves.


"I think the number one rule, if you are a true M3GAN, is can you run on all fours?" Allison asks her at one point, with the host replying in character, "Well, I don't know you programmed me, let's see if I can," before running towards the audience.

"You're a natural, your contacts have, um... shifted," Allison then tells her, trying not to laugh. Drew then appears to malfunction and doesn't turn back on until Allison tells her, "M3GAN wake up!"

Drew Barrymore dances as M3GAN with Allison Williams next to her
Drew had her talk show audience and M3GAN star Allison Williams in stitches with her impersonation. Photo: CBS
M3GAN movie
M3GAN how she appears in the movie. Photo: Universal

Speaking about the success of the film, Allison tells Drew it's because of "her", with the host then standing up and performing M3GAN's iconic dance.

At another point in the interview, Allison asks, "M3GAN, can you see anything?" as Drew's contact lenses begin moving around her eyes.

"I do feel like my eyeballs are falling apart, but then again you can just take me to your workshop and fix me... Just after I kill the neighbour's dog," Drew says in character, referencing a scene from the film as Allison struggles not to laugh.

"I'm just continuing to adjust in real-time to this being the way this is happening," the actress said, referencing the strange interview. "Just to let you in on any lag in my responses to your questions."

Drew Barrymore
Drew had fans in stitches with the stunt. Photo: Getty

One of Drew's contact lenses proceeds to fall out of her eye as the audience is left in hysterics.

The Drew Barrymore Show Twitter account shared the video with the caption, "There's something wrong with M3GAN's eyes..."

Social media users loved the transformation, with one user writing, "Drew Barrymore as M3GAN is now an iconic piece of daytime talkshow history."


"Drew never disappoints," one TikTok user added, while another jokingly wrote, "OMG can't tell the difference!"


"Drew as M3GAN just made my day," another said.

"Amazing. Loved the movie and I love this interview," one fan wrote. "I’m crying from laughing so hard."

"Her chaotic energy is ideal for a talk show. And I mean that in the best way," another user added.

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