Biggest MAFS transformations: The changing looks that stunned fans

These former contestants are barely recognisable from their time on Married at First Sight.

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Some of Married At First Sight's most popular contestants look quite different from their time on the show, with many opening up over the years about their use of a little filler, lip-plumping or dental veneers.

Here are the MAFS stars who've had the most dramatic transformations since they first appeared on TV.

Olivia Frazer

Last year's controversial MAFS contestant Olivia Frazer has already revealed that she lost 25kg after getting a gastric sleeve in 2016, giving her the confidence to go on the show. "It's changed my life for the better in every single way," she told Woman's Day last year.

But now she has waved her blonde locks goodbye and embraced a summer bronde (that's brunette hair with blonde highlights) bob. "Your eyes pop with this hair colour! Gorgeous," one of her followers on Instagram wrote.

Olivia Frazer on MAFS in 2022 and with a bob in 2023
Last year's MAFS contestant Olivia has ditched her trademark long blonde hair for an up-to-date brunette bob. Photo: Nine & Instagram/@olivefrazer

"Your hair looks awesome that colour and length that's your colour for sure," another added. One even said she was giving off Margot Robbie vibes - which we can totally see!

Connie Crayden

When she appeared on MAFS in 2020, the 25-year-old marine biology student was described as: "A self-confessed introvert, she does most things alone and focuses on studying to avoid the discomfort of feeling 'invisible' in the world."

While her relationship with Jonethen Musulin didn't work out, Connie discovered a lot about herself by doing the show. "I had a huge transformation, I really did," Connie revealed. "I started off the experiment with such low self-esteem, I was very awkward — it was quite sad. And then I just blossomed into this really confident and strong, brave woman who just discovered self-worth."

Connie Crayden on MAFS in 2020 and in 2022
Connie has found her inner confidence and shed her insecurities. Photo: Nine & Instagram/@connie.crayden

Since then, Connie had an 18-month relationship with Melbourne music producer Daniel Caswell, which ended in August last year.

Lizzie Sobinoff

After her groom mocked her size on her first appearance on Married At First Sight in 2019, Lizzie used the time after the show to transform her looks. And while some of her fans were concerned about the amount of weight she lost initially, Lizzie has found her happy place.

Lizzie Sobinoff on MAFS in 2019 and in 2023
Lizzie continues to try out new looks and find happiness in who she is. Photo: Nine & Instagram/@lizalizzieelizabeth

"It's still very much me. I know people are going to say, 'Well, you look completely different to how we saw you last year.' But don't always focus on the outer shell," she told Who magazine. "This has always been me. We grow, as people. I don't glorify weight [loss] and be like, 'I'm better now'."


Lizzie used intermittent fasting to lose 10kg but she also became a brunette and pared-back her makeup. "Being me... Doing what I love... Staying more true to myself than ever before," she wrote recently on an Instagram post. "I might be more boring than the amplified version I was on tv so very long ago... and yes that is one of the first things people say to me, that I'm not what they thought, it's tv though... More comfortable in my skin than ever before."

Susie Bradley

Outspoken single mum Susie Bradley appeared on the sixth season of MAFS, when she was a latecomer paired up with the sensitive Billy Vincent.

Susie Bradley from MAFS
Single mum Susie Bradley is barely recognisable from her time on MAFS. Nine, Instagram/@susiepearll

While Susie and Billy were never going to work, she did end up getting together with Queensland NFL player Todd Carney and the couple had a son Lion together in 2021 before their messy break-up last year.

Now, the cosmetic nurse is concentrating on herself and her two children, Baby, eight, and Lion, 21 months, and perhaps showing Todd what he is missing. Her new look is certainly head-turning.

Sarah Roza

Sarah Roza from MAFS
Sarah Roza looking fab. Photo: Nine Network, instagram/@sarahjaneroza

Season five MAFS contestant Sarah Roza also lost 10kg after her appearance on the show.

"I really had to make huge changes in all areas of my lifestyle and I'm really proud of myself for taking the necessary steps to improve my health," she told Daily Mail back in December 2020. "There's been no quick fixes or gimmicks... just lots of hard work," she added.

Recently she decided to address the areas of her body that she could not change with diet and exercise, revealing to her fans on social media in August that she had undergone surgery to reshape her body. "I’ve always been a curvy girl & I really wanted to enhance my shape that I already had, but I just couldn’t naturally achieve the dream body I was after no matter how hard I dieted or exercised due to my age (42) & hormones," she wrote on Instagram. "Surgery was a serious decision & one that I researched for more than a year. Today I’m feeling fabulous plus I have SO much more confidence!" she added.

Jessika Power

MAFS star Jessika Power
The influencer has now revealed that she's "hooked" on cosmetic surgery. Photo: Nine Network, Instagram/@jessika_power

Jessika Power admitted she had tried lip fillers before appearing on MAFS in 2019, but since rising to fame on the show, the Instagram influencer has now revealed that she's "hooked" on cosmetic surgery. "I can't stop and think I'm addicted," she told The Sun earlier this year. "I've always wanted bigger boobs but didn't want silicone implants, and a doctor said he could take fat from my thighs and inject it in my chest. I went from a B-cup to a D-cup."

Jess has also admitted to dental work, veneers, lip fillers, botox and cheek fillers, to name a few. But since meeting her boyfriend Connor Thompson, she has also embraced her natural look again, going between glam and natural.

Jessika Power with boyfriend Connor Thompson and his grandma Jan
Now that Jess has found love with Brit Connor Thompson, she's happier to embrace her natural beauty. Photo: Instagram/@jessika_power &Instagram//@_connorthompson

Jo McPharlin

MAFS star Jo McPharlin
Jo's weight loss has been evident on her social media accounts. Photo: Nine Network, Instagram/@foxyjojo77

Known as Foxy Jojo on the 2018 season of Married At First Sight, the Adelaide mum has gone from a size 22 to a petite size 8 after deciding she wanted to take her health seriously. "I wanted to make sure that I was around for my own kids, that I could run around with them and be the best mum to them that I could be," she told Nine.

And despite some fans being sure she had undergone weight loss surgery, Jo reveals it was old fashioned hard work that saw her shed the kilos. "Every single day I want a certain food, but I look at my two beautiful children and I want a better quality of life for everybody," she said on an Instagram Live post. "I've stopped junk food, all of my carbs and the majority of alcohol. It's a lifestyle change. I've been blessed with losing weight, but maintaining it is the hard part."

Her ketogenic diet and exercising 90 minutes a day has certainly paid off with her appearance on the MAFS reunion show earlier this year shocking some of her costars. "I was like, 'I don't know that girl, I don't know that girl, I don't... I do know that girl!'" Troy Delmege admitted at the reunion. "Your new look is incredible, congratulations," he added.

Patrick Dwyer

MAFS star Patrick Dwyer
Patrick felt self-conscious about his teeth after the show but has done something about it. Photo: Nine, Instagram/@patrickdwyer_official

Patrick and Belinda were such a cute couple on Married At First Sight but after the show aired, Patrick said he began to worry about his looks. "Not going to lie, after seeing my teeth on MAFS I realised how bad they were and started to get self conscious about my smile," Patrick confessed on his Instagram account. "I did get a lot of negative comments about my teeth but it was when I personally started to dislike them that it started to bother me."

But the personal trainer from Melbourne decided to hop on the bandwagon of reality self-improvement and do something about it. After being recommended a cosmetic dentist by friends, he even took his now ex, Belinda, along with him for the procedure.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you and thank you!" he said about his new veneers on an Insta post. "Putting yourself onto a show like MAFS, you open the floodgates to people’s opinions about you from all over Australia and can experience first hand what trolling can do."

Belinda herself has also wowed her followers with some new looks after her time on the show.

Mishel Karen

MAFS star Mishel Karen
She may be a granny now but Mishel is living her best life. Photo: Nine & Instagram/@mishel_meshes

Mishel Karen said the late nights of filming and lack of exercise while taking part in Married At First Sight changed her. "I didn't realise how sedentary I had become," she told the Courier Mail. "We were eating at 2am, eating meat pies. You don't get time to have a proper diet, and the people who can support you, you're not allowed to talk to."

But ahead of her 50th birthday, she set out to shed the excess 13kg she'd gained. With exercise and diet, she achieved her goal and more, happily showing off her new look in December last year.

The new grandmother has continued her lifestyle transformation, sharing on Instagram the things she's doing to feel like her best self. She has had LIPOcel fat reduction treatments to sculpt her hew figure, Skulpt cellulite reduction treatments and a HIFU Non-Surgical Facelift, as well as keeping up her healthy eating and exercise.

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