Divorce attorney reveals professions women should avoid when dating

A divorce attorney from the US has taken to TikTok and shared the five professions she believes women should avoid when looking for a husband.

Katherine Leonard, who goes by @jettiegirl28 on the app, shared that in her 13 years practicing family law, she and her colleagues had noticed a trend when it came to certain professions that continued to crop up.

A divorce attorney on TikTok
A divorce attorney has taken to TikTok to share the professions women should avoid when dating and choosing partners. Photo: TikTok/jettiegirl28

She explained that any women watching the video who are married to men in the five professions shouldn't immediately think their husband is a bad man, saying, "I'm sure there's outliers in any kind of statistic, but just for fun, this is just, generally speaking, something that I've observed as being pretty common."

Katherine added that something that she thought connected the professions was that the men in them tend to be "more narcissistic" and "more controlling".


"So, here they are in no particular order," she said. "The top five professions of husbands that women should avoid are: firemen – I never really understood that one but it's on there – police officer, military, surgeon, and pilot.

"If you look at these professions, what do they all have in common? They all have in common that the men in these professions, they're gods in their professional, right?"

Firefighters, police officers, surgeons, military personnel and pilots were all professions Katherine named and shamed as producing bad husbands. Photo: Getty

She added that policemen walk around with 'authority', surgeons often have a lot of people in hospitals that look up to them.

"You're in charge, everybody treats you with respect, and then you come home and all of a sudden, somebody's asking you to take out the trash," she said.

"Pilots, especially, if you look at pilots, you cross over to Air Force, military. They're in control of like 150, 200 people's lives at a time. They are treated with a tremendous amount of respect, and they have a lot of responsibility, and they tend to be very narcissistic and very controlling."

Katherine then added that she was curious to see if anyone in the comments section agreed with her.

"All the pilots that my friends dated, cheated," one user wrote.

"Knew pilot was gonna be one of them," another laughed.

"Thank God I'm jobless," one man joked.

"Divorced a surgeon and I can confirm this is true," someone else wrote, with another agreeing, "Not only surgeons but all doctors."

"I'm an aspiring pilot, dating an aspiring surgeon, I'll let you know how it goes," another wrote with Kathrine replying, "It might work! You have similar personalities."

"You need to put investment bankers on the list," one user wrote. "Very smart, money makers, narcissistic."

"My brother (a cop) told me to never marry a cop (I didn't listen), in the process of getting divorced," another shared.

"Firefighters did not surprise me at all, think about all the calendars they make," someone joked.

Many others wrote that they were surprised lawyers weren't on the list, with one person responding, "Nah, good lawyers know how and when to settle, and when a fight isn't worth it."

One user joked, "Never getting married based on these comments. Any house husband potential here?"

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