Groom slammed after refusing to let fiancée's friend be a bridesmaid

A groom-to-be has been slammed on Reddit after not allowing his fiancée’s close friend to be a bridesmaid. The strange reason why? She works as a porn star.

The man took to the popular website to share his point of view and why he believed that his fiancée was wrong.

Soon-to-be groom and bride fighting
A groom has been slammed on Reddit after refusing to allow his fiancée's friend be a bridesmaid. Photo: Getty

“I’m engaged to my fiancée and we’ll be marrying in a few months. Right now we are both still deciding our wedding parties,” he began.

“So she is very close friends with an adult actress. This friend is well known…her face is also very recognizable to the point where if we go out to eat with her she will inevitably be asked for an autograph.”


His fiancée is determined to have her close friend as one of her bridesmaids, but the husband-to-be has asked her not to include the adult actress. Elaborating further, he explains that he has a “staunchly religious” family and can see this being a problem on the day.

He doesn’t have any issues with the adult actress and admits he has watched a few of her videos. He writes that he’s just trying to avoid attention being taken off the bride since the adult actress is so recognisable.

The husband-to-be continued, “I told her that I want our day to go off without a hitch and this is just mitigating risk.” He also added that his fiancée had vetoed one of his groomsmen because he cheated, so “I felt that she owed me one”.

Bride and groom
The man's defence is that he doesn't want the attention to come off his bride. Photo: Getty

“She felt it was unfair and now we’re at an impasse. She told me that the way I was behaving was gross and I was being an asshole.”

At the end he added another note to help slide opinion in his favour — his mother is paying for the entire wedding.

Looking at the comments section, the majority of users slammed the husband-to-be and concluded he was wrong.

One person wrote, “If they are all that high and mighty religious then they certainly shouldn’t recognize her in that context. If they do recognize her because they watch her movies, then they will probably keep their mouth shut so they don’t out themselves. And, if not, who the hell really cares?”

Another stated the obvious, “Her friend has a job, and your friend cheated. That’s a huge difference. It is not her friend’s problem that your family are conservative.”

A third reply was straight to the point, “You’re her partner. Your role is to be supportive.”

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