'Disgusting' detail in engagement photo sparks confusion

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It’s completely understandable that when the big marriage proposal finally happens you’d want to capture the special moment almost immediately to be able to share the news and your joy with family and friends.

But one newly-engaged couple has shocked onlookers with an engagement announcement photo that included a bizarre detail some people have labelled ‘disgusting’.

Close up of an elegant engagement diamond ring on woman finger
A nice example of a couple showing off their engagement. Photo: Getty

The unknown lovebirds were seemingly so excited about the prospect of tying the knot, the soon-to-be husband hadn’t even had the chance to drop what he was carrying before posing for a photo with his new fiancée.

The woman’s hand can be seen resting on top of her partner’s, both sporting new bling on their ring fingers, while the man held a plastic bag that rather bizarrely looked like a doggie bag.

And the kicker, it wasn’t empty.

dog poo engagement photo
The engagement photo the couple apparently shared. Photo: Facebook

The image, which was posted on social media by the couple, was eventually shared in a popular ring shaming group on Facebook, where onlookers were baffled by the snap.

Some called it “disgusting”, while others wondered what the backstory was.

“What the hell is wrong with people?” asked one.

While another joked: “Nothing says I love you like a bag of poo!”


“Maybe they met at the dog park or something?” one person tried to reason, before adding, “But even then, that wouldn’t make it OK”

“I’m sorry but that’s disgusting,” was another response.

“I have so many questions. So many,” another asked.

It’s not the first time a couple have been called out for their engagement announcement online.

Back in November a newly-engaged couple was slammed after sharing ‘horrific’ photos that included a dead deer as a prop.

A Facebook user shared photos from the post to a group on Facebook and wrote, “What in hillbilly hell? Why display the ring on a dead deer?? I can already tell this wedding will be full of camo, jeans, guns, and cowboy boots.”

The original post by the bride-to-be read, “Hey girlies, I said yes! Now that we're engaged I need all the wedding tips you have! Also pictures of the ring because I'm obsessed with how good he did.”

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