Sneaky detail exposes 'embarrassing' wedding gift fail

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We’ve all found ourselves scraping the bottom of the barrel when it comes to giving a gift at some point in our lives.

Maybe it’s been a tight month, perhaps you’ve run out of time to nip down to the shop – no matter what the reason, the temptation to regift a dusty old present you’ve never opened will always be waiting in the wings.

But if you choose to indulge, we recommend you avoid this embarrassing pitfall that saw a relative caught out by the groom over his wedding gift.

Bride Groom open gift, regifting disaster embarassing detail exposes
A bride and groom were left puzzled over a very personal gift from their uncle and aunt. Photo: Getty Images

The woeful tale, a regifter’s worst nightmare, was shared by the groom in question to Reddit.

After celebrating his nuptials, he and his new bride enjoyed unwrapping the thoughtful gifts family members had given them until they came to one very personal item.


“One of my relatives sent me a cheese knife and wine opener set,” the man wrote.

“When I took them out of the box I realised they were engraved with my relative’s wedding anniversary lol.”

Yep, looks like aunty and uncle had never bothered to open the generic gift and sent it on without a moment’s thought – never realising it had been personalised within an inch of its life.

cheese and wine set regifting wedding present nightmare Reddit thread
What they assumed was a generic cheese and wine set, came with an all-too personal memento. Photo: Getty Images

The groom decided to go with a very cheeky course of action, following advice left on the forum, and sending his relatives a snap of the gift, its embarrassing detail exposed for all to see.

“I took the advice from one of the comments and sent a pic with the gift,” the groom continued.

“l said ‘Thanks so much for the gift! time has sure flown by I can’t believe we’ve been married over a year according to the engraving.’”

“He replied and [said] ‘hahahaha I thought you wouldn’t notice!’”

Reddit reacts to ‘nightmare’ situation

The hysterical tale, a cautionary one for many of us, was an unsurprising hit on the social media forum where it was shared under the title “Hot Tip: Don’t regift a wedding gift to someone that has your own anniversary on it.”

Plenty were gobsmacked at the audacious move.

“Are you kidding? I would totally regift it to them next year,” one person wrote.

“I’m sure they would be so embarrassed if they knew,” another wrote. “That is a nightmare of mine.”

Others advise they use the gifting hiccup to start a sweet tradition.

“Yes, but add your date to it now!” they wrote. “And then send it on its way to another newlywed couple!”

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