Outrage as bride reveals 'deadly' coronavirus rule for wedding

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A bride may find herself short a guest or one hundred after she revealed a strict rule she would be enforcing at her wedding in relation to the coronavirus pandemic.

Unlike a lot of concerned brides, she is not making guests take a coronavirus test, social distance or wear a mask, rather she is expressly forbidding the latter.

Bride no mask at wedding coronavirus rule
A bride has flipped the tables with a baffling coronavirus rule that defies logic. Photo: Getty Images

Yep, this US bride has clearly stated she will not be allowing any of her guests to wear a mask to her wedding, no matter what the circumstances.

“Still having [my wedding] and no masks allowed at it,” the bride wrote in a forum on a coronavirus brides Facebook page.

Responses to the ridiculous rule were swift with one participant writing: “I don’t mean to be rude but can you decide that lol?”


“Yes Ma’am I can,” the bride responded. “After all it is my wedding.”

“You wildlin,” one reader wrote in response. “Hopefully your guests will be smarter than that... I want to have my wedding too but my wedding is no worth someone’s life.”

Reddit loses it over ‘selfish’ demand

Screenshots of bride sharing 'no mask' rule for her wedding sparking outrage on Facebook
The jaw-dropping exchange was shared to Reddit. Photo: Facebook

The jaw-dropping exchange was shared to Reddit where it prompted outrage from all sides.

“What an excellent reason not to attend,” one person wrote.

“Oh I'd send a gift,” another wrote. “It would be a nice pack of masks.”

“Imagine being this fu**ing stupid,” someone else wrote in disbelief.

Others pointed out the rule wasn’t only selfish, but potentially deadly.

“It may end up being her death, as well as her wedding,” was one sobering observation. “Nothing says cozy honeymoon like side-by-side morgue drawers!”

Coronavirus takes a toll on 2020 weddings

As the pandemic continues to rage across the globe, the social distancing and isolation measures have been affecting events and norms from funerals to weddings and even attending school.

In the US where this particular bride was planning her nuptials, the virus has claimed the most lives of any nation, with the death toll currently sitting at 290,000.

In Australia, though community transmission is minimal and the restriction are beginning to be eased, people are still unsure about how and if to continue with celebrations.

One bridesmaid wrote in with concerns about her sister’s decision to go ahead with her wedding this month as restrictions eased to allow larger gatherings.

Worried vulnerable family members would attend, she wondered if the bride was being ‘selfish’ by going ahead, a question that is still dividing many.

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