Delta Goodrem's surprising move after Melbourne Cup backlash: 'Disappointing'

Delta Goodrem surprised fans on Tuesday by turning off her Instagram comments and deleting any criticism she received for attending racing events and promoting the 2022 Melbourne cup.

The 37-year-old turned off comments on Tuesday after receiving backlash from her followers for supporting the racing industry and partnering with Victoria Racing Club.

Delta Goodrem at the Melbourne Cup
Delta Goodrem has surprised fans with a shock move after receiving backlash for attending the Melbourne Cup. Photo: Getty

"[Victoria Racing Club] looks," Delta wrote on Instagram alongside a series of snaps on Monday. "Looking forward to a big day today!"

Critics took to the Instagram comments, however, Delta deleted all comments and blocked anyone from commenting on posts related to racing.

"I see Delta Goodrem disabled comments on her Melbourne cup Instagram post," one user wrote on Twitter. "Guess she didn’t like people pointing out the animal cruelty and horse deaths."


"So disappointed that Delta Goodrem supports Melbourne Cup!" another added.

"Not surprised Delta Goodrem turned the comments off on her Melbourne Cup post…" a third said.

It comes after fans slammed the singer last month when she announced her partnership with Victoria Racing Club.

In the photos, Delta wore a suit with a bow tie and posed alongside a black horse, with the caption reading, "I’m honoured to be continuing my partnership with @FlemingtonVRC.

Delta Goodrem's Instagram account
Delta turned off comments on Tuesday after receiving backlash from her followers for supporting the racing industry and partnering with Victoria Racing Club.
Tweets about Delta Goodrem
Users took to Twitter when they couldn't comment on her Instagram posts. Photo: Twitter

"Looking forward to being trackside for @LexusAustralia Melbourne Cup Day to soak up all the magic of the Carnival."

Fans were quick to share their thoughts, however, their comments have since been deleted.

"Horse racing is not magic," one user wrote. "It is straight up cruelty."

"I love you, but horse racing is a cruel thing to enjoy and promote," another agreed.

"I'm saddened by this post. Beautiful pictures, not so beautiful message," a third added. "I'm disappointed."

"Disappointed Delta that you have a platform where you can use your voice to bring attention to some cruel practices in the racing industry," someone else said. "Does it not bother you how these majestic horses are treated? How many horses will die this Cup?"

Another user shared a lengthy comment that read, "Delta you are an artist I have adored since hearing your first album in 2003 when I was but 10. Your voice and your resilience are an inspiration to me.

Delta Goodrem Instagram post without comments
Delta has deleted all comments from this post, which was inundated with comments last month. Photo

"It certainly makes me sad when you endorse, or rather are happy to be paid to endorse, races that are beyond cruel to animals. Let us not forget these horses are punished for entertainment and sometimes put down on the track after being brutally pushed to their limits (behind canopies for the sake of spectators keeping down their drinks, because you know, priorities).


"You look stunning and I believe you to be better than this. Hope to see a change in future."

Many others loved the post, with one user writing, "This photo is so tender and beautiful."

"Gorgeous photos. Horses have such an elegance about them," another said.

"Love the Melbourne Cup and the Racing Spring Carnival, very excited we'll have full crowds back once again after 3 years, Delta you look gorgeous in these pics," a third wrote.

It's not the first time Delta has been slammed for her support of racing, with the singer blasted for her performance at the 2020 Melbourne Cup.

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