Deborah Knight warns of danger in confronting snap: 'So brave'

The TV presenter was praised by fans for sharing her important message.

Channel Nine presenter Deborah Knight has shared a candid photo on Instagram warning her followers about the dangers of sunbaking.

In the confronting image, Deborah is seen with a number of red spots on her chest and one above her lip, and she says there are also blemishes on her hands and legs. It appears the presenter had a number of spots that needed to be removed from her body following a skin check.

"For anyone thinking, nah – I won’t worry with the sunscreen or I won’t need a hat, or I’ll just sunbake for a bit – look forward to this every time you get your skin checked," she said. "And these are just the harmless ones! Replicated on my hands and legs."

Skin cancers are seen on Deborah Knight's chest.
Deborah Knight shocked fans with a confronting photo following a skin check. Source: Instagram

Shocked fans flocked to the comments to praise Deborah for sharing the important message with her followers.

"Thank you Deb for being so upfront about the dangers of the dreaded sun. They will all disappear very soon," one wrote.

"Good on you for sharing Deb. I’ve had a gutful of these “influencers” posting sunbaking happy snaps on socials. There’s nothing happy about skin cancer," another said.

"Thank you for spreading awareness and so glad you’re getting checked," a third added.

"I hope everyone that sees your post and thinks that nothing is going to happen to them thinks twice before [they] sunbake. Deb you’re so brave to share this," a comment read.


Others also shared their own experience with melanoma, reiterating how important it is to get checked.

"I had an early stage melanoma cut out on the underside of the top of my arm 18 months ago (looked small but still had 16 stitches)," one shared.

"Did the sunbaking thing full on in my 20s /30s. At 67 I now have regular checks. Still love the beach but have beach umbrella, sunscreen, hat and a cover-up."

Another commented: "At 41 I had a melanoma cut out of my leg last year and for so long it had just been a freckle."

"Regular skin checks and a week or so of looking a bit dodgy is well worth it if means we catch it before it turns nasty and requires a more invasive surgery."

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