Dannii Minogue reveals she almost 'died' during birth of son Ethan

C-sectionDannii Minogue has opened up about the traumatic birth of her son Ethan in 2019, with the singer revealing she thought she was going to die.

The 50-year-old shared the story on the Made By Mammas podcast last month, explaining she had planned to give birth at home after recent negative experience at hospitals.

Dannii Minogue with Kris Smith and son Ethan
Dannii Minogue has opened up about the traumatic birth of her son Ethan in 2010 that had her thinking she might die. Photo: Twitter/Dannii Minogue

However, when the birth didn't go as planned, she was forced to be "wheeled in to hospital" for a C section.

"I just had a friend pass away in hospital because of cancer. And the last big experience in hospital... my sister was in hospital with cancer," she shared. "And there were media everywhere. For me it didn’t feel like this safe space, for me it felt terrifying.

"I was hoping to give birth at home. I had these beautiful midwives, they are both from the UK now living in Australia. We were having this lovely time just getting ready for this birth.


"Everything had been perfect up until then, up until my waters broke and he was completely in the wrong position.. I wasn’t going to give up. I was like.. is he going to turn around ... they can do sometimes.

"I stupidly hung on for 30 hours of posterior labour with him just pressed up against my back. I can swear like a trouper but it was so weird in those 30 hours not one swear word came out of my mouth."

Dannii added that her obstetrician had cancelled her hospital room after finding out she wanted to have a home birth.

Dannii Minogue and Kris Smith
Dannii shares Ethan with ex Kris Smith, who she was with from 2008 to 2012. Photo: Getty

"I was so composed. Those hormones obviously take over and I am thinking... I can do this. It must have been the adrenaline.

"They called the royal women’s hospital and said we have got a situation... the baby is not going to arrive on its own. I had to be wheeled in on a wheelchair. I couldn’t walk. I had to wait to get the epidural. Then I end up having to have a C-section. I am in hospital on a stretcher waiting for a room in a hallway.

"I tried everything to avoid and to have a plan B. Everyone says you can have the birth plan of your dreams and good luck with that. I was sitting there waiting for the epidural to kick in thinking... If I didn’t have this now I would literally die. I had taken too many hours of pain and the baby is not coming out."

Speaking about her relationship with Ethan, she shared, "We are very, very close. Hard for me at the moment being so far from him. Yes there is Facetime but nothing like being there and being with him."

Dannii shares Ethan with her ex, Kris Smith, who she was with from 2008 to 2012.

The singer has now been with music producer Adrian Newman for nine years, while, Kris has been with his fiancée model and PT Sarah Boulazeris since 2017, with the pair sharing two daughters, Mila, three, and Frankie, two.

While Kris shares many photos of his daughters, Ethan is not pictured on the model's Instagram account, a decision made by him and Dannii.

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