Big Brother's Reggie Bird is unrecognisable in adorable throwback pics

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Big Brother's Reggie Bird has been getting sentimental on her Instagram account this week, sharing pictures of herself as a child.

Big Brother's Reggie Bird with some of her 2022 Big Brother housemates and with her daughter and son.
Reggie Bird with some of her 2022 Big Brother housemates and with her daughter and son. Photo: Instagram/@reggiebirdbb

The reality TV star, 48, posted an old polaroid of her and her dad in their home in the 1980s

"Back in the 80’s when growing up having a bar in your home was an In thing… I look as happy as my dad in this pic 🤣" she wrote on the post.

Big brother contestant Reggie Bird in a photo with her dad in the 80s
Reggie and her dad in the 80s. Photo: Instagram/@reggiebirdbb

Many of her followers commented that she looks just like her dad too.

"Gee you're like your dad Reggie as you have gotten older," one wrote to which Reggie replied: " I know I’m so like my dad," adding a laughing face after the comment.

That wasn't the only throwback photo the Big Brother alum shared either.

"Back in grade 9 or 10 when spiral perms were the in thing," she captioned a photo of her with long curly hair wearing a Paris sweatshirt.

Big brother contestant Reggie Bird in high school
Showing off her spiral perm. Photo: Instagram/@reggiebirdbb

"I LOVED the spiral perm!!!!" one follower commented.

"oh my, you went from cute as to smoking," another wrote.

The third was a photo of her sporting a shorter spiky barnet in the 90s.

"Back in my 20’s when I used to do hair modelling with Nischler Nischler in Hobart ✂️ #pinkhair #hairmodelling" she commented.

Big brother contestant Reggie Bird in her 20s in a hair modelling pic
Doing some hair modelling in her 20s. Photo: Instagram/@reggiebirdbb

"Looks like an 80's album cover," one person commented.

She also shared a more recent photo of herself attending the Logies as the winner of Big Brother 2003.

Big brother contestant Reggie Bird at the 2004 Logie Awards.
Reggie was voted worst dressed at the 2004 Logie Awards. Photo: Instagram/@reggiebirdbb

"Flashback Friday to the year 2004 when I was voted the Worst Dressed at the TV WEEK Logie Awards 🤣#fbf #2004 #tvweeklogieawards"

At least she had a sense of humour about it!

She also admitted that a lot has changed in the almost 20 years since her first Big Brother win.

"It has been weird this time, very different to the last time I won," she told the Herald Sun recently.

"Reality TV was absolutely massive back in the day and it was all new back then and we didn't have social [media] and stuff.

"This time, I wasn't getting chased down by the street like I was back in 2003.

"I had two bodyguards with me for a few weeks because I could not walk anywhere," she added.

"These days, I can still jump on the bus to do my groceries without a worry in the world.

"People are so quick to move on."

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