Dangerous detail spotted in woman's engagement photo: 'Ouch'

People were horrified by the innocent snap.

A bride-to-be has been urged to seek medical attention after posting a photo of her engagement ring online. In the snap, her new fiancé is seen standing in the background on the beach while she holds up her left hand in front.

At first glance, it looks like a regular engagement snap, but a slew of people were concerned about how ill-fitting the ring is. The delicate ring with a turquoise-coloured stone appears to be cutting her circulation off as her finger has turned a shade of red and purple.

L: A man proposing to a woman. R: close up of an engagement ring on a finger, the finger is purple
A detail in a woman's engagement snap has sent people into a spin. Photo: Getty & Facebook

The photo was shared to a popular wedding shaming group on Facebook with the caption: “This poor finger is turning red, why wouldn’t you get it fitted before taking pictures?”.

Hundreds of people reacted to the couple’s happy snap, with many wondering why she forced a ring onto her finger that clearly didn’t fit.

“Why not take a picture holding the ring? Ouch,” one person wrote.

“I feel so much anxiety and panic looking at this. How the hell is she going to get that thing off?!???!” another asked.


“Oof. That looks like an emergency room visit waiting to happen,” a third chimed in.

“Holy s**t that looks painful. I wear a lot of rings, and it already is quite uncomfortable if they are a bit too tight, and I’ve NEVER had it turn [that] colour, so I can only imagine what that poor finger must feel like,” another remarked.

Two photos of swollen ring fingers where rings have been cut off
People that have had rings surgically removed in the past shared some photos of the aftermath. Photo: Facebook

Her situation was also described as a “medical emergency”, and some people shared horror stories of their own.

“Funny story.. the night I got engaged it was like 90 degrees and my hands swell a ton. My ring went on fine, but didn’t come off fine and I had to have it cut off. Thank you! The doctors who were helping me were so incredibly nice. They were very careful cutting it off so they didn’t damage it more than necessary. It’s a funny story now, but I was definitely sobbing then,” a former bride admitted.

“I had a ring surgically removed from my finger once. She's in for that medical can opener. I was 9 and fell asleep with a ring on that was way too small; my mom took me to the urgent care right next door and they literally used a medical can opener to get the damn thing off,” another added.


“I have water retention issues and my ring, which fit perfectly when I got engaged, ended up stuck on my finger and cutting off circulation the next hour,” a third recalled.

A jeweller also jumped into the conversation and pleaded with brides-to-be to resize their rings if they don’t fit.

"As a jeweller, people who do this make me want to scream. If it gets to the point that a hospital has to take it off, they will absolutely destroy the ring, and then those people bring it to the jewellers and get upset when it can't look exactly like it did or is completely unfixable without an entirely new mounting,” the jeweller advised.

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