Bride's bizarre threat over groom's 'creepy' cousin secret: 'Plot twist'

The bride discovered her fiancé was subscribed to his cousin's OnlyFans account.

A bride has been slammed for her bizarre treatment of her fiancé’s cousin. In a post on Facebook, a woman shared a wild story about her cousin’s wedding, leaving many people shocked by the bride’s strange behaviour.

She told her story on a popular wedding shaming group, starting by saying she was the only one from the extended family not invited to the wedding. The group member thought it was “weird”, but didn’t make a big fuss.

L: Bride looks at her phone on her wedding day. R: Person goes on OnlyFans on a laptop
A bride has been slated on social media after threatening a family member. Photo: Getty

After the wedding in February, she ended up having a falling out with the bride, which is when the story took a turn.

“My cousin’s wife and I have a falling out and some harsh things are said, and she at one point threatens to expose that I used to do OnlyFans to my family,” she recalled.

“The text she sends threatening me was super specific and it had me wondering why she knew about it.”


After doing a “deep dive” into her subscribers, the OnlyFans creator made a confronting discovery.

“Turns out one of them was my cousin on a fake account. So evidently I wasn’t invited to this wedding because my cousin [is] a weirdo who watches porn of his cousin. I hate it here,” she revealed.

The content creator added that she told the bride it was “weird as f**k” that the couple knew anything about her OnlyFans account to begin with, and she felt so “violated” that she ended up deleting her account from the adult subscription website.

“I’m so scared of her or my cousin finding [my OnlyFans] that I’m scared to even try,” she wrote. “I genuinely got so freaked out I just closed my account and didn’t think twice about it.”

Bride and Groom kiss at a wedding reception
The couple didn't invite the OnlyFans creator to their wedding. Photo: Getty

Many group members rallied around her and were horrified by her ‘creepy’ cousin.

“God why did she marry him and why tf is she taking it out on YOU of all people,” one person wrote.

“If you find out she’s sharing your content you can have her arrested. It happened with my ex-husband’s new fling,” another pointed out.


“WOW. Extortion is a bad look when you’re entering a family. Also, I can only imagine how violating this must be for you. I’m so sorry both of them are s**tty. There is no shame in making money through OnlyFans,” a third chimed in.

“THIS TOOK A TURN,” a group member remarked, while another added: “Holy s**t. What a plot twist. Wow, I’m so sorry.”

“So essentially she’s mad ‘cause your cousin is a creep and somehow that’s your fault? Makes total sense,” another commented.

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