Dad blasted for banning own daughter from his wedding: 'Awful'

A father has been lashed online after revealing his own daughter, 9, was not invited to his upcoming wedding because his "sophisticated" fiancee doesn't "really care for young children".

The 46-year-old man took to Reddit to ask for advice, after his own parents threatened to boycott the wedding because of the decision, but he didn't receive much sympathy from others.

wedding couple in church.
The man said his fiancee had 'exquisite taste'. Photo: Getty

In the post, which has since gone viral, the man explained he had been with his fiancee for three years. He has two daughters from previous relationships.

"My youngest’s mother left when she was six," he said.

"My fiancee is a very sophisticated person and has exquisite tastes. She also does not really care for young children and this has created tension between her and my youngest daughter.

"While our plans have been delayed due to global circumstances, our plans to get married are finally going ahead.

"It’s going to be a very lavish and expensive wedding."


He said that because of the nature of the wedding, and his fiancee's preferences, they were planning a child-free day. But his other daughter - who is older at 19 - is allowed to attend as she and his fiancee "get along well".

"However, I didn’t realise that my youngest expected to come to the wedding," he continued, adding she had wanted to go dress shopping with her sister and soon-to-be step mum.

"She thought she was going to need a dress too. I explained to her that the wedding was going to be for adults only and that she wouldn’t be attending.

"She started crying and getting mad which stressed out my fiancee. She has been distraught about this for days and hasn’t let it go."

Father makes his daughter cry
He said his daughter was 'distraught' when he told her. Photo: Getty

Even his parents were shocked by the decision to exclude their granddaughter from the wedding, calling him a "terrible father".

"This wedding would not be suitable for a child and I don’t want my fiancee to have to deal with my daughter on the most important day of her life," he said.

"My parents told me I was being a terrible father by prioritising my fiancee over my daughter and that on the day of the wedding, they would take my daughter out for a special day, which means they wouldn’t be in the wedding.

"I told them they wouldn’t do that, even if they didn’t attend the wedding I wouldn’t let them take my daughter.

"This has become a bigger conflict than I intended.

"My fiancee and I both think we’re in the right for wanting a child-free wedding, but it appears I may lose my parents from the wedding over this and I want to know if I’m in the right or not."

While he was likely after some support, the huge majority of people slammed the dad in the comments.

"Who would stay with a woman for three years who obviously dislikes his young child?? And THEN choose to marry that person?" one person asked.

"Why the hell are you marrying someone who doesn’t like your child?" another agreed.

"Not only an awful father, but a colossal a**hole. That poor little girl," was another angry response.

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