Sister booted from brother's wedding photos over outfit: 'Brat'

A young woman has been labelled a "brat" after detailing the reason why she was asked not to be in the wedding photos on her brother's big day.

The 18-year-old took to Reddit to share the tale, potentially looking for some support, although mostly receiving the opposite after the reason behind her brother's brutal request became clear.

Wedding and party place decoration with lamps and garlands
A woman has refused to wear the colour her brother asked for to his wedding. Photo: Getty

In the post, which has now gone viral, the woman explained her brother and his new wife had told guests to adhere to a colour scheme and wear fuschia or sky blue on the wedding day.

But his younger sister wrote: "I only wear black and white."

"Like, I literally do not own any clothing that is not black, white, or a combination of the two.


"I do not own any clothes that are blue or bright pink. I told my brother about this long before the wedding and he just told me that I have plenty of time to find something that will fit the colour scheme."

Her mother even offered to take her shopping to find something that she could wear on the day, telling her "a few hours is not going to kill me". They ended up buying a couple of things in the two colours (even though the woman says she "hated everything" she tried on) and brought them home.

But on the day she refused to wear them, instead opting for her favourite black dress.

bridesmaids in pink dresses
The bride and groom had given guests pink and blue as the colour scheme to wear. Photo: Getty

"We arrived at the venue early for pictures and my mum ran off right away to find my brother," the woman continued.

"I assume to warn him that I didn’t adhere to his colour scheme. So when we were doing family pictures, my brother made a point to tell me that I would not be involved in any of the larger group shots with the wedding party and the rest of our family.

"He told me that he’s fine with me being in pictures with just our family, but that I would stand out too much in all of the other group shots because I was literally the only person who didn’t wear their preferred colours."

Young man photographing family at outdoor wedding. Horizontal shot.
The brother asked his sister not to be in any of the group wedding photos. Photo: Getty

While some said you can't force a wedding guest to wear what you want them to, others labelled the woman a "brat", particularly because she had a lot of time to find something to wear.

"You must not love or care for your brother very much," one person said. "It was such a simple, small thing to do to show support, and you couldn’t even try."

"It’s a dress. Wearing pink for a few hours isn’t going to melt your skin off. You knew that it was a simple request and you still dug in your heels and decided to be a brat because you apparently think the whole world revolves around you," another said.

"Looking stupid for an hour isn’t a big ask on your brother’s big day, was another response.

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