Bride-to-be fuming over mother in law's wedding outfit choice: 'Petty'

An Aussie bride-to-be has shared her frustration online after finding out her soon-to-be mother in law has decided to wear a black dress on her big day, going against the dress code listed on the wedding invitations.

Taking to a Facebook group to vent, the bride revealed she and the groom had set a strict 'neutral' dress code for their big day, but apparently his mother won't be following it.

Fashionable woman with a red bag in her hands and black evening dress
A bride-to-be is angry her future MIL wants to war black to her wedding. Photo: Getty

"My future mother-in-law has chosen to wear a black dress for our wedding day. I specifically said on the invite I wanted neutral tones to tie in with our theme," she wrote.

"In response to this she said: 'It's my son's day too, I can wear what I like!'

"I have no words - I don't know what to do."


The post sparked a huge response with some people saying she had every right to be angry, calling the move 'disrespectful'.

"I would have a huge problem. Your fiancé needs to check his mother and correct her," one person commented. "Black is for funerals. I would feel so disrespected but it's his mother and he needs to handle it."

bride on wedding day
The bride and groom had set a 'neutral colours' dress code for their wedding. Photo: Getty

Others said if her future hubby couldn't convince his mother it was the wrong move, then let her be the odd one out.

"Ask your husband to talk to her… if she still doesn't understand, let it be. She will be the odd one out. Enjoy your day and just ignore her," was one response.

"Let her wear it. She is the one who is going to look petty when everyone else is in neutral colours," another added.

Meanwhile some said a dress code and neutral colours are not the focus of a wedding.

"I would be more concerned if she wanted to wear white mate. Don't stress over it. It's your wedding day and it's about love, not aesthetic photos of the guests in matching colours," one person wrote.

It comes after another woman revealed she was booted from her brother's wedding photos over her outfit choice.

Though as it turned out the situation was very similar in that the bride and groom had set a dress code for their wedding day, one his sister refused to follow.

In the end, she was labelled a 'brat' for not being able to wear something she didn't like for 'a few hours'.

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