Outrage at woman's white dress for blind bride's wedding: 'My choice'

Choosing to wear white to a wedding - when you're not the bride - will raise some eyebrows at the best of times.

But this woman's decision to don the forbidden colour to her blind cousin's big day has sparked a down right furore online.

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She chose to wear white to her cousin's 'intimate reception'. Photo: Getty

The wedding guest took to Reddit to explain her decision to buy and wear a white maxi dress to the 'intimate reception', possibly hoping to garner some sympathy for the resulting confrontation from the bride's family.

"I really thought no one would even notice I was wearing white," she wrote.

"My aunt pulled me aside and berated me for wearing this colour at her daughter's wedding.

"She said just because her daughter is blind doesn't mean she's stupid and doesn't know what's going on around her."


"[The bride's mother] gave a lengthy lecture and asked if I hate to see her daughter happy and whether I pulled this stunt because my 'blind' cousin got married before me.

"I argued with my aunt for trying to dictate what I wear but she defended herself saying I was a guest and should have respected the bride.

"I left feeling very upset and exhausted from that encounter."

She claimed she simply chose the dress because white is her 'favourite' colour, even though her own boyfriend had apparently warned her against it, claiming he thought she was being opportunistic and taking advantage of the fact that her cousin was blind.

And the post sparked plenty of outrage in the over 3500 comments.

"This is actually outrageous," one person wrote.

"You wore a white dress to a wedding. That is like the universal 'f—k you' to any bride. And it's an extra one to a blind bride," another said.

"My favourite part was that her boyfriend warned her ahead of time. She knew this would be an issue," was another response.

Despite the backlash, the wedding guest hit back at users saying they were "too upset".

"I honestly never cared about this stuff but obviously a lot of people do," she wrote.

"I just think it's ultimately my choice to wear what I want whenever I go."

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