'It's not fair': Bride's coronavirus mask dilemma divides opinion

A bride-to-be has shared a rant online as she deals with how her wedding plans have been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

Taking to a wedding planning Facebook group to complain about various things she ‘needed to get off her chest’, the lengthy post quickly sparked a heated debate online after being shared to Reddit.

beautiful bride with a bouquet in a protective mask on the background of flowering trees. spring
A bride is wanting to push ahead with her wedding next month. Photo: Getty

The bride revealed she was feeling “really beaten down” despite the fact she is able to go ahead with her wedding in August.

“But my bridesmaids are telling me that they will be social distancing and wearing masks the entire time,” she explained.

“Also that they won’t even take them off for pictures or when standing up for the ceremony.”

The woman, thought to be from the US, added that the wedding was to be held at a winery and social distancing for photos would be difficult as there wouldn’t be enough space.

“This just breaks my heart as it just throws the image of my wedding out the door,” she continues, adding she is now considering postponing or even simply eloping.

“I hate that I can’t have a normal wedding experience and it’s not fair.”

The person who decided to share the post to the wedding shaming thread was clearly not impressed with the bride’s apparent lack of consideration for her friends’ wellbeing.

“Oh Gurl. Didn’t know your pictures were more important than your friends’ health,” the poster wrote.

“It’s not like they dropped out. But sh**. I guess your pictures are more important than, I don’t know, getting married??”

bridal bouquet and bridesmaids
The bride is worried her wedding vision isn't coming together. Photo: Getty

A few others agreed the bride was out of line and suggested she make good on her consideration to postpone or elope.

“‘Makes me want to postpone’, yes. do that. exercise that option please. That's what all of us want you to do,” one person commented.

“Another picture to paint in front of yourself: you and your friends get permanent lung damage. Your mother dead. Father permanent damage on several organs and dies within a year,” was another person’s blunt response.

While a third said: “This is literally happening to millions of people. Worldwide. You should be lucky your wedding is able to happen at all, and lucky that your bridesmaids will even be willing to show up in the midst of a global pandemic.”

However plenty of people came to the woman’s defence saying she had every right to be upset.

“I don’t think she deserves to be shamed,” one person said. “She’s upset. It’s a valid response to all of the crazy sh** that’s happening. The pictures won’t look the same, hell you won’t even be able to tell if people are smiling.”

Another wrote: “Her feelings are valid. It’s okay for her to be sad. She doesn’t seem to be shaming her friends either, just bummed that they won’t risk their health for her pictures (which is the one part that I don’t think is okay). But it’s within her right to be super sad.”

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