Bride's drastic act to remove X-rated detail from wedding snaps

A bride has stirred up controversy after she decided to opt for a drastic solution to an X-rated detail in her wedding photographs.

The unique situation captured the attention of online wedding enthusiasts when it was posted to Reddit’s ‘Am I The A**hole?’ thread.

Bride looks at camera as she decides to photoshop sister's tattoo out of photos
A bride's dramatic dilemma sparked debate about when and if tattoos can be removed for wedding photos. Photo: Getty Images

The dilemma faced by the bride had jaws dropping to the floor after she explained her sister, who was a bridesmaid, showed up on the wedding day sporting a very unfortunate tattoo for all to see.

The bride wrote that she had asked her sister to cover the tattoo ahead of the big day, and was dismayed to see her wishes had been ignored.

The tattoo in question featured a pair of child cartoon characters engaged in a sex act on the sister’s arm, a detail that had everyone siding with the bride’s subsequent decision.

The bride revealed she decided to photoshop the tattoo out of the wedding photos, sparking a feud with her sister who slammed the move as ‘disrespectful’.

Wedding guest maid of honour with tattoos
The sister's tattoo posed a serious problem for the bride. Photo: Getty Images

“Recently I got married and due to obvious reasons, it was a small family wedding outside,” the post outlining the sticky situation began. “We didn’t hire a professional photographer, so I wound up taking on the bulk of photo editing.

“My sister, who was my maid of [honour], has a tattoo on her arm of [cartoon characters in the ‘69’ position]. She has many other tattoos that are more normal but this one is super weird and I didn’t want it in my wedding photos.

“I previously asked her to cover it up but she refused so I photoshopped it out. I didn’t photoshop her other tattoos out because they weren’t disturbing.

“She says this was disrespectful and uptight of me, but I think it’s okay not to want that tattoo in your wedding pics!”

Post has Reddit users backflipping on ‘a**hole’ label

In response to the post, many admitted that while they would usually be against the removal of guest’s tattoos without their consent, the bizarre image described changed their minds.

“I was ready to call you the a**hole until I read the description of her tattoos— you’re not an a**hole for not wanting a graphic depiction of cartoon sex in your wedding pictures,” was how one person summed up the situation.

“Yup,” another agreed. “[This] went from "of course you're the a**hole" to NTA [not the a**hole] in record time.”

Others couldn’t get past the bonkers tattoo and what possessed the sister to get it done in the first place.

“‘How did this come about?’ was my second thought after WTF,” one person admitted. “Actually, third thought, not only how did this happen, but how has she become so emotionally attached to it that it couldn’t be photoshopped out?”

The overwhelming consensus saw the sister slammed for the petulant and problematic behaviour, with the bride praised for her forward-thinking on the photoshop front.

It’s not the first time some seriously bizarre wedding dilemmas have caused a stir online.

Recently a bride was left between a rock and a hard place when a chronic allergy left her unable to invite a blind friend’s guide dog to her nuptials.

Another pair of wedding guests also came under fire after rocking up in attire deemed far ‘too racy’ for a bride’s big day.

It’s not just the guest’s fashion choices that can cause a stir however, one bride had people seriously divided over a very unique pair of bridal heels.

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