Mum slammed over 'disgusting' comment to bride-to-be

A bride has revealed a cruel jibe about her wedding dress threatened to derail her wedding day, and it came from her own mother.

Picking a wedding dress is a momentous occasion for many, but can also come packed with tension and anxiety for brides concerned they will make the wrong choice or pick something that will underwhelm on their big day.

Mother of bride holds daughter's face on wedding day slams wedding dress as 'unflattering'
A mother's comment to her daughter about her wedding dress have users seeing red online. Photo: Getty Images

What never helps is unsolicited, negative advice after the dress has been bought, packaged and delivered, as one bride found out the hard way.

Sharing her sad story to Reddit, the bride found unexpected solace as online users rallied around her after her mother weighed in on her wedding dress in the worst way possible.

“My future husband and I are getting married Feb 27 2021, and I got my wedding dress delivered the other day,” she began the post outlining her dilemma.

“I was really excited, as every bride would be and immediately tried it on and sent photos to my family members.”

“My [mum] FaceTimed me and to keep a 45-minute conversation short, told me she thought it was really ugly and unflattering on me, I was too chubby to pull off a dress like that, and when my future husband sees it, I might not get the wedding I always dreamed of.

“After the FaceTime ended, she proceeded to send me “alternatives” which were very modest and a little frumpy.

“I later texted her and told her I loved my dress and it was the one I was wearing, and she told me she wouldn’t be surprised if I showed up on one of those “Facebook shaming groups” that she’s very active in.”

Facebook wedding shaming groups regularly mock brides for picking ugly or unflattering dresses, though on occasion they direct their anger at the kind of parent or guest who tries to upstage a bride on her wedding day.

In this case, the bride was left insecure about her decision, heartbreakingly revealing: “I’m beginning to second guess my own wedding dress, because if my own mother doesn’t think I look pretty, then who would?”

Image of bride wearing lace gown (left) and lace gown on hanger (right) after mother of bride says dress 'too revealing'
The bride shared a snap of the dress on and off, to the bewilderment of online users. Photo: Getty Images

Sharing two snaps of the gown, a lace-detailed number with a sheer bodice and a full gown that is very much in vogue at the moment, the bride asked for advice from the internet on whether she should heed her mother’s advice and opt for something more ‘frumpy’.

The overwhelming answer was absolutely not.

Users slam ‘jealous’ mum

Hundreds of users flooded the post with positive responses to the bride, praising her ‘gorgeous’ dress and slamming her mum’s cruel words.

“That is a very beautiful wedding dress!” one enthusiastic user wrote. “Don't let your mum bring you down. She just wants to outshine you and that won't happen with that gorgeous dress! Good luck!”

“That dress is beautiful and it is PERFECT for your figure (which is also gorgeous and definitely nothing any one in their right mind could “shame” in a [Facebook] group or otherwise),” another agreed.

“But everything about your mum’s comments make it clear that her reaction is all about controlling you and not about the dress.”

Onlookers say mum should lose her invite over ‘disgusting’ comment

Others went so far as to advise the bride to cut her mum from the wedding over the negative and unhelpful commentary.

“I wouldn’t invite her honestly,” one observer wrote. “It looks beautiful and I’m sure you will be radiant. What a disgusting thing to say.”

Another put it in slightly stronger terms.

“Consider not having that pit of seething jealousy and killjoy at your wedding,” they wrote. “She will stop at nothing to ruin it and make yourself second guess yourself and your future husband.”

“That dress is gorgeous, and it looks great on you!” another wrote encouragingly, adding: “If your mom is just going to be a mean girl and try to keep bringing you down, she doesn’t need to be involved in the wedding at all.”

She isn’t the first mother to cause a stir with her behaviour at a daughter or son’s wedding.

One mum was ridiculed online after she opted to wear a full bridal gown to wear to her son’s wedding, leaving her future-daughter-in-law seethng.

Another mum’s baffling behaviour left onlookers gobsmacked after she offered to ‘stand in’ for the bride who was pregnant at the time.

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