Bride furious at bridesmaid's request after cancelled wedding

A newlywed bride has shared her frustrations at a demand from one of her bridesmaids after she was forced to cancel her planned wedding due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Taking to Reddit, the woman revealed she and her now husband was originally due to be married in October, but decided it would be better to elope with only their parents in attendance instead.

Wedding flowers in hand the bride and her bridesmaids
A bridesmaid was not happy about this cancelled wedding. Photo: Getty

Before cancelling, she says the couple made sure everything the wedding party bought could be returned and when they told their friends everyone was supportive.

“Except one bridesmaid who (used to be) my husband’s friend. She went ballistic,” she revealed.

“We told her the bridal shop was doing refunds and bending their return policy because of current situations but she is DEMANDING money. I have no idea why she has reacted this way.”


It’s gotten so bad the bridesmaid is apparently threatening a civil suit over the $140 dress.

“I refuse to give her the money because I know it can be returned,” the bride continued.

“This whole situation is so trashy and makes me feel gross. I tried to be responsible by not having a large gathering and now I am being harassed and threatened by someone I didn’t know had an issue with me.”

Plenty of people agreed with the bride for being angry admitting they didn’t understand why the bridesmaid was making such a fuss.

“If it can be returned why the f*** does she want money from you? I bet she wants to return it AND collect money from you,” one person commented.

And the woman agreed, adding in a subsequent comment, “That’s why my husband keeps telling her we are not going to give her money. We have a feeling she is trying to profit.”

She also said she and her husband have both talked her through the returns process but “it seems like she is intentionally waiting for the window of return to end.”

mafs shock
The bride was left shocked by the demand. Photo: Channel Nine

Some people wondered why the bridesmaid seemed so reluctant to simply return the dress.

“She’s probably damaged the dress somehow or worn it to another event so can’t return it. Just ignore her, she’ll shut up soon enough,” one person wrote.

While another agreed: “Or she already used it for something else and can't bring it back. So she saw an opportunity to gain some money by demanding from the op.”

And one person was even able to find the silver lining in the dilemma.

“Also, bright side is that now you don't have to stare at photos of her in your wedding party years from now! Sounds like a win to me!”

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