Condom gloves shock at Paris Fashion Week: 'Pathetic and cringe'

Eyebrows were raised when ‘duct-tape’ bikinis were introduced, and now there’s a new high-fashion trend: Condoms.

Aquatic wear brand Botter made a splash with the new accessory when they sent models down the runway at Paris Fashion Week.

Two photos of Botter models walking the runway with condom gloves at Paris Fashion Weel
Condom gloves are the latest fashion trend to hit the runway. Photo: Getty

As part of their Spring/Summer 2023 collection ‘The Plastic Sea’, the models wore condoms filled with water as gloves.

Botter explained the thought process behind the racy accessory on Instagram, writing: “We wanted to explore the idea of bringing water to the runway.

“Showing an elongated silhouette that peels off the body like a wetsuit would. Shoes that feel like they are floating in tranquil water, moving gracefully.”


The brand wanted to convey the idea that “the future of fashion is designed and made in collaboration with nature.”

People quickly slammed the brand for using what looked like single-use condoms for their environmental message.

Typically, condoms are made from a type of latex that isn't biodegradable.

“I like the aesthetic but this is obviously greenwashing lmao,” wrote one person.

“Are the condoms single use? If so it would kind of ruin the whole concept about paying tribute to the ocean and combating climate change in your collections” another pointed out.

“Collaboration with nature is when you take rubber condoms for the show, put them on your hands, then throw them away and create even more garbage, am I right? Or when you create five collections a year?” added a third.

A Botter model walks the runway with condom gloves at Paris Fashion Week
Botter's newest accessory didn't go down well with the public. Photo: Getty

Many other people were instantly turned off by the idea, with some labelling the accessory as ‘pathetic’ and ‘cringe’.

“The fashion industry must be running out of ideas!! This is just ludicrous!” an outraged person wrote.

“That is HORRIBLE,” added a second, with another calling the fashion industry “dumb”.

“All I can think about is pruny, wrinkled waterlogged hands like when you spend too long in the pool,” a fourth quipped.

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