Coles shopper left 'bawling' after incredible act at checkout

A Coles shopper has opened up about how she was left "bawling" at the checkout of her local supermarket after an incredible act by another customer.

“So I’ve been feeling really down lately and money is very tight so food shopping is on a tight budget," the shopper wrote, sharing the experience in a popular Facebook group.

The entrance to a brightly lit Coles supermarket in Ropes Crossing at dusk.
A woman has been blown away by an act of kindness at Coles. Photo: Getty

“I was at the checkout and was going to have to leave an item behind so the lady behind me offered to pay for it."

On top of that, she said the cashier then also reduced the price of the item to $5.

"I just bawled my eyes out in the middle of Coles," she continued.

"There are still lovely, kind hearted people out there I am so thankful and I will find a way to pay it forward."


Coles supermarket trolleys
Another shopper and the cashier stepped in to help the Coles shopper. Photo: AAP

Her post was a big hit with other members of the group with plenty leaving comments to praise the other shopper and worker for their kindness.

One person wrote: "Best. Post. In. Ages."

While another added: "Lovely gesture".

Stunning moment at Aldi checkout goes viral

Shoppers were left in 'tears' when a similar scenario played out at an Aldi store a few months ago.

Back in March a woman picking up groceries suffered the embarrassing experience of finding herself unable to pay.

The potentially humiliating experience, however, turned into a moment of kindness when two strangers came forward to give her a hand.

"Today I saw the goodness of people at my local Aldi," the observing shopper wrote on Facebook.

"I don’t know the situation but I could see the lady being served 3 people ahead of me had issues paying. The next two women walked up & offered to pay for her items."

"Such a beautiful moment of human nature. Karma Bank topped up for you gorgeous ladies!"

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