Shoppers 'in tears' over stunning moment at Aldi checkout

Shoppers have been left emotional over a touching moment that unfolded at a local Aldi check out this week.

A woman picking up groceries suffered the embarrassing experience of finding herself unable to pay.

Aldi check out random act of kindness
An Aldi shopper was saved a humiliating experience by two kind strangers. Photo: Getty Images

A shopper behind her in line took to Facebook to explain the touching scene that unfolded, writing that with the groceries packed and a line behind her waiting, the woman looked to be suffering every shopper's worst nightmare come to life.


The potentially humiliating experience, however, turned into a moment of stunning human kindness when two strangers came forward to give her a hand.

"Today I saw the goodness of people at my local Aldi," the observing shopper wrote on Facebook.

Woman working at supermarket checkout
Every shopper's worst nightmare is to be stranded with packed groceries and no funds. Photo: Getty Images

"I don’t know the situation but I could see the lady being served 3 people ahead of me had issues paying. The next two women walked up & offered to pay for her items."

"Such a beautiful moment of human nature. Karma Bank topped up for you gorgeous ladies!"

The post had many reminiscing about their own experiences of a similar act of kindness, many reporting they were 'in tears' over the memories.

Man packs aldi grocery bag
She wasn't the only shopper to have experienced such touching support from her fellow shoppers. Photo: Getty Images

"I had a most embarrassing similar situation at a service station I was sure I had enough money but I didn’t I was so embarrassed and a lovely young man behind me paid," one woman wrote. "I was in tears by his kindness even now when I think about it I still cry I couldn’t thank him enough."

She added: "it’s not the gesture or the payment, it is the fact when things are tough in life there is still kindness."

Many said they too would have reached out to help.

"I hate seeing people short at the checkout," one woman wrote. "If I've got the funds, I've always offered to pay."

"You are truly wonderful people," another wrote.

"There are some kind people out there, was lovely of them to help this lady," another agreed.

It's not always good vibes and friendly acts at the Aldi checkout however, last week a couple of shoppers had a hysterical, if unfriendly, confrontation of panic buying.

People are stocking up toilet paper for home quarantine from crownavirus. Woman holds many rolls of toilet paper
An exchange over toilet paper last week didn't go quite so smoothly. Photo: Getty Images

The shopper took the ultimate jab at a woman who was buying "$200 worth of toilet paper" at the checkout in front of her, and her 'slam dunk' went viral.

Posting in a popular Aldi Facebook group, the woman explained that she was at her local supermarket with her service dog, when the shopper in question asked her about her dog.

Her hilarious and pointed response had the cashier 'losing it' and blew up on the Facebook group, since shared over 4.5K times, with people calling her response "priceless".

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