Coffee Mate's Trio of Creamers Has Fans Saying, 'Shut Up and Take My Money'

Coffee Mate recently came out with the "it flavor" of the summer in creamer form with its orange creamsicle coffee creamer. Now, the coffee cream giant is giving us three new flavors that will have you indulging all summer long.

Content creator @markie_devo shared the news on his Instagram page and people were instantly hooked with these amazing flavors.

According to Markie, Coffee Mate is releasing a Kit Kat creamer, an all-new Caramel Apple Crisp creamer and they're bringing back the Nestle Abuelita Chocolate Caliente Mexicano.

The Kit Kat and Abuelita creamers "have been spotted in stores already at Food Lion. The Caramel Apple will hit stores soon. All will be carried at stores nationwide that carry the brand," Markie said in his post.

These sound absolutely amazing, and people had a lot of thoughts about them.

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"The KitKat creamer is so good! Found it at Food Lion in NC last night!" someone said. After the success of Krispy Kreme's Kit Kat collection, we expected to see more Kit Kat flavors, so this creamer is right on time.

"Count me in for the Abuelita!" another person commented. According to PR Newswire, this is an "indulgently sweet chocolate creamer" that is made "with notes of cinnamon spice and cocoa, taking fans on a journey through the heart of Mexico." This flavor was released for Día de los Muertos last year and was very popular.

"YESSSSSSSS! Gotta have the Caramel Apple Crisp!" someone else chimed in on Markie's Instagram post.

The Caramel Apple Crisp creamer sounds like it would make an incredible fall-flavored coffee, and many companies are already gearing up to release Halloween and fall goodies, so it makes sense that this one would come out soon. It would be fantastic hot or cold!

In the comments, one person said that the Caramel Apple Crisp creamer came out several years ago, but it wasn't around long, so it will be interesting to see if the flavor is the same with this new version.

One commenter summed up everyone's feelings about this new trio when they said "Shut up and take my money!"

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