Angie Kent on 'opportunistic' timing of Abbie and Konrad's dating bombshell

Angie Kent is Yahoo Lifestyle's Bachelorette 2021 columnist! Angie won't hold back on her spicy opinions and insider insights into everything and everyone from Brooke Blurton's season.

A headshot of Angie Kent wearing a light pink lace dress. Photo: supplied.
Angie Kent gives her hot take on Brooke Blurton's season of The Bachelorette 2021. Photo: Supplied

Ok here it is, lucky last recap for our girl Brooke’s season of The Bachelorette 2021. There is SO much to unpack. I am simply overwhelmed by what my little fingers are about to type. So here we go.

Firstly, I would like to start off by pointing out how every single year The Bachelorette, more so than The Bachelor, never ever give the person at the end enough damn air time. They did the same in my season. From memory they did it on Elly and Becky’s season, Ali and Sophie’s. Ya’ll mostly want their runner up to be the numero uno. It’s like clockwork.


Most people didn’t get why I picked my person and why would they? We had countless moments and situations and feelings that were shared between us which led to me picking my person at the end. It was never overly shown because my second person and I stole the show. Two littler free unconventional spirits falling in love.

So I feel the show almost sets the ‘winner’ and the Bachelorette up for failure because it’s like why the f**k did you pick this random ass we hardly saw? And not this delicious character or sweetheart or fan favourite. It can really be all in the edit. And then the audience is bound to have their own theories based off this edit, which then creates a great conversation and uproar across socials doesn’t it? Box ticked from the network trying to keep everyone on their toes but also kind of taking it away from the final two because everyone is so sad about the runner-up’s little broken heart.

Brooke and Darvid in the finale
Brooke chose Darvid in the finale of the Bachelorette 2021. Photo: Channel 10

Abbie Chatfield and Konrad Bien-Stephens' relationship hard launch

Before I move onto the rest of the finale recap, let's talk about the TALL, over the top order that I am sure Brooke did in fact not order right before her finale episodes. The relationship hard launch that maybe could have waited so that the attention wasn’t taken away from the first ever woman of colour and pansexual Bachelorette.

Cue our girl Abbie and her mate Konrad with a K. I would like to start off by saying, I freakin love LOVE and I am stoked that SO many people have found love out of this season. Just glorious truly. But I am also going to put my Gogglebox hat back on for a hot minute and just say this - come on you two. Announcing your spicy hot relationship THE DAY of your mate Brooke’s finale episodes was just a little bit can we say opportunistic?

I love me some Abbie, don’t get this twisted, but she’s a very clever clogs when it comes to dropping it like it's hot and creating an absolute media circus of sorts. Sister has stated many a time that there is one thing she does not like to discuss and that is who she is dating. But on the day of her friends finale episode(s) she HARD launches the s**t of her brand spankin’ new relationship with someone from Brooke’s season. Of course we are going to eat this right up, It’s yummy. Power move vibes right there. I love a power move. But it wasn’t the day for it hey?

Abbie Chatfield and Konrad Bien-Stephens
Abbie Chatfield and Konrad Bien-Stephens made things Instagram official on Wednesday. Photo: Instagram/Abbie Chatfield

I am currently putting my protection armour on as I know people are going to come at me guns blazing and that’s fine. This is just an opinion. Not taking away the love for either of these delicious new couples, just placing a little food for thought into the minds of the people. This was supposed to be about hyping the season up, bringing it back to it’s main focus - BROOKE. This is the first season where it wasn’t supposed to be about white blonde girls. if we wanted headlines about white blonde girls and cisgender hot party boy types, well you can tune into any of the past seasons really. It’s a tale as old as time. The storyline gift that keeps on giving.

Brooke’s season wasn’t just about a woman falling in love. Brooke was there to create a platform for those who are not always represented in mainstream media. Brooke has worked so hard for the communities she reflects. The memes about two hot white people falling in love could have waited until after our First Nation and queer Bachelorette’s finale.

MOVING ON as that doesn’t need anymore air time than it is already receiving today. I am happy, they are happy WE ARE ALL HAPPY.

Brooke and Jamie-Lee on The Bachelorette
It wasn't meant to be for Brooke and Jamie-Lee. Photo: Channel 10

It's the finale time and I’ve got goosebumps galore

That video message from Brooke’s father figure was so magical. I can't imagine not having my mum around for something as big as this. Truly breaks my heart. This season has shown us all kinds of masculinity and I could not be happier.

Because Brooke’s family couldn’t be there thanks to our mate Covid, we’ve got Brooke’s friends Amy and Ms Chatfield. Gulp. The recent unfollowing saga that has swarmed the internet made this little sighting a bit awkies to watch. Brooke pushing unfollow on her close friend Abbie is the modern day way of saying ‘I really am not your friend at the minute’.

However, having two power house women there for support is just what we want to see.

Darvid is up first and Brooke and Darvid just seem so damn smitten. Amy takes Darvid away and asks him if he knows what land he is living on. I instantly had to check my privilege because I didn’t know either. I felt this great sense of guilt and shame as we all should know the answer to this. It is a sad reality that most Australians don’t know what land they are on.

I feel that if you are in the final two and you are dating an Indigenous woman you surely would have asked these questions by this very end point? Surely they have had solid conversations around this? SURELY!!

Abbie is so right regarding the love chat, you should not wait until you are chosen to say I love you in this circumstance. Every other situation, sure wait as long as you want, but it is a show about love after all. You don’t want to have any regrets in this situation or think what if. TRUST ME! I forever thought ‘what if’, as you often do feel you should pick the safe option. I hope this isn’t the case for Brooke.

Brooke and Darvid doing tantric yoga on The Bachelorette
Things got hot and heavy between Brooke and Darvid in a tantric yoga session. Photo: Channel 10

Ok so, let's talk about Australia’s current sweetheart, Jamie-Lee. Everyone is rooting for our gal JL, she’s a doll. But something tells me you’re all not going to get the ending you want to see. You can smell it in the edit.

I can’t believe Brooke has asked Abbie out twice and Brooke claims Abbie has said no twice - DYING. Queer culture - everyone has dated everyone and we are seeing this right now. This season is just doing the absolute most for the queer community and I am all about it. The dynamic between a woman meeting your friends for the first time and a man meeting the friends is just worlds apart. The big question from Amy - do you know what mob Brooke is? This is Brooke’s identity. I just feel like both Darvid and Jamie Lee should have known this. I am living for queen Amy’s questions and holding us white people accountable.

If that felt uncomfortable to watch, then please take this moment to find out what land you are living on. As Osher said himself on the Twitters, being able to show this level of conversation and boundaries on primetime TV is so great, as tough as it is to watch.

Jamie-Lee after being rejected by Brooke on The Bachelorette
Jamie-Lee was left heartbroken. Photo: Channel 10

Last single dates. Jamie-Lee gets a dirt bike ride and Darvid gets a tantric sex ride. Two different types of dirty rides. I know which one I would rather.

That last single date between the both of them made it quite clear to me who Brooke is going to pick at the end. Jamie-Lee has said she loves Brooke a handful of times and Darvid can only say you are my person or I have fallen. SAY I LOVE YOU. And when he finally does, Brooke is speechless. AND SHE SAID SHE LOVES HIM BEFORE THE FINALE ROSE?! Isn’t that a Bachelorette cardinal sin? Unless you tell both people and do a Locky circa 2020?

Brooke and Darvid hugging on The Bachelorette
Brooke got her happlily ever after with Darvid. Photo: Channel 10

Biphobic comments about Brooke picking a man over a woman aren’t warranted. Being a pansexual women means you are in love with the soul. Darvid’s was the soul she fell in love with. It still baffles me how shocked everyone gets and how much they project what they want onto the bach or bachette. There’s so much you don’t see. We know Brooke is a good person and we know SHE knows what SHE wants so why don’t we respect that?

As with this whole season, I’m so grateful for the discussions it has opened up for Australians. What a blessing.

Thank-you Brooke for opening our eyes to so much more than we ever signed up for when it comes to the franchise. Now go enjoy your PERSON. Its hearts not parts people! And she chose from her heart. Thanks for a season we have never seen before. And Osher, here’s to your 2022 Gold Logie.

And just as all fairytales go, they all lived happily ever after…


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