Christmas Day dessert hack goes viral: 'Can't wait to try this'

This DIY rainbow jelly is sure to be a hit on Christmas dessert tables.

As the countdown to Christmas intensifies, households around the country are putting the finishing touches on their festive menus. Amidst the traditional fare, a simple dessert hack has caught the attention of merry-makers, promising a burst of colour and flavour to the holiday table.

Caption. Photo: Instagram/@bargainlifeandstyle
Creating the ultimate Christmas dessert is as simple as pouring and setting layers of coloured jelly, one flavour at a time. Photo: Instagram/@bargainlifeandstyle

Popular Sydney lifestyle influencer Ash, known as @bargainlifeandstyle on Instagram, shared her ingenious creation – layered rainbow jelly – setting social media abuzz with over 115,000 views.

The vibrant treat, which Ash plans to feature as the pièce de résistance for her Christmas day dessert, is not only visually striking but, as she notes, "just fun to do."


Ash guided her followers through the straightforward steps of putting together the colourful and family-friendly dessert in a brief Instagram reel. Creating the rainbow jelly masterpiece involves a combination of five jelly flavours, including raspberry, purple grape, berry blue, lemon, and lime from Aeroplane Jelly.

Ash, using a trifle serving bowl from Kmart, carefully layers each colourful pour, allowing a minimum of two hours between each to ensure the hues remain distinct.

Caption. Photo: Instagram/@bargainlifeandstyle
The show-stopping rainbow jelly is simple to create and makes for a colourful Christmas centrepiece. Photo: Instagram/@bargainlifeandstyle

Ash's key takeaways from this delightful dessert include "strategic colour layering" for a vibrant rainbow effect and the use of two jelly packets per colour, ensuring each layer stands out vividly.

Social media users wasted no time hopping on the rainbow jelly bandwagon, expressing their excitement to replicate the hack for their own Christmas feasts.

"I definitely want to make this," exclaimed one follower, while another chimed in, "Absolutely love this! Will do for my kids!" Others on social media described the dessert as a "simple but great idea," and one person eagerly commented, "Love this, can't wait to try it!"

As with any viral sensation, the community added their own twists and tips. One savvy user suggested, "Let the liquid cool a little before adding it as the next layer too," a technique to prevent "melting" the layer underneath. Others recommended freezing for a short duration to speed up the setting process.

For those seeking an extra kick, the one question all the grown-ups wanted answered was, "how much vodka did you add?"

Cheers to that!

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