The $3 Kmart hack that will totally transform your Christmas tree: 'So stunning!'

'It saves so much time!'

An Aussie Kmart fan has shared her super simple $3 Christmas tree hack that creates a perfectly full tree with minimal effort.

As December 1 approaches, everyone seems to be looking for affordable and quick solutions for putting up the perfect tree.

Sharing her trick on the Kmart Inspired Homes Facebook page, the woman from Brisbane kindly shared the trick she's been using “for years” to decorate her tree and make it radiate some serious festive vibes.

Kmart Christmas decorating hack
The clever Kmart hack was shared on Facebook with the Aussie explaining exactly how she does it. Photo: Facebook/Kmart Inspired Homes.

“If you string three baubles onto a pipe cleaner - green for regular trees, white for flocked trees - it allows you to add clusters of baubles all over the tree really easily,” she shared.

“Simply string the baubles onto the pipe cleaner, twist the two tail ends around each other a few times to tightly bunch the baubles together, then use the loose tails of the pipe cleaner to secure the cluster to a tree branch.”

A pack of 70 pipe cleaners will set you back just $3 and is more than enough to cover a large tree.

The trick of clustering baubles together has been praised as a way to save not only decorating time but also money on buying huge amounts of decorations.


The woman went on to say that she adds the clusters to her tree after threading ribbon through it first and then adding larger decorations.

“I do this as my second step after ribbon and use my plainer baubles for the clusters, then add fancier ones by themselves once the tree is more filled out,” she said. “It saves so much time!”

Her hack was quickly embraced by hundreds of others, with positive feedback flowing in from dozens of others who wanted to create a similar tree

Christmas decorating hack
Those who had already tried the hack agreed that it was definitely worth a try sharing their results in the post too. Photo: Facebook/Kmart Inspired Homes

“I love this! Fantastic idea,” one person wrote of her hack. “This is genius! Thank you for sharing your brilliance!” Commented another.

“How bloody good, and look at your tree - stunning!” complimented a third.

She added that she also put different-sized and coloured baubles together for an even better effect.


Those who had already tried her trick agreed it was the best way to decorate a tree, saying they’d never do it another way after testing it out.

“Just did this, and it works like a treat! I’m only halfway done decorating my tree, too,” one impressed person wrote.

“I did that this year, looks better,” added another.

Those who had already tried the hack said fishing line, garden wire and ribbon also work well to cluster the baubles together.

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