Christie Brinkley, 66, stuns in bikini snap: 'Do you ever age?'

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She made a name for herself in the ‘70s as a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model and now fans are calling Christie Brinkley ‘ageless’ in her latest bikini snaps.

The 66-year-old, who is currently on a tropical holiday, uploaded a series of photos to her Instagram account showing her posing in a green string bikini top and black shorts, alongside the caption: “Cliffhanger”.

Christie Brinkley posing at a beach
Christie Brinkley has posted a series of photos from her sun holiday. Photo: Instagram/Christie Brinkley

“You look absolutely gorgeous - exactly the same as you did in the Uptown Girl video,” one person commented, referencing Christie’s starring role in the 1983 music video for Billy Joel’s hit Uptown Girl. Two years later, she and Billy married but divorced in 1994.

“Christie Brinkley you are still beautiful and breathtaking and gorgeous as ever. You definitely helped brightened up my day,” another fan wrote.


“Do you ever age? Beautiful!” another said.

Christie’s latest snap comes just three days after she revealed to fans that she had undergone hip replacement surgery,

Christie Brinkley in a green bikini top and black shorts
Fans have called the 66-year-old 'ageless'. Photo: Instagram/Christie Brinkley
Christie Brinkley at the beach
The stunner was enjoying a day at the beach. Photo: Instagram/Christie Brinkley

“I injured my hip in a back country skiing helicopter crash on a mountaintop in Telluride many years ago. The pain in my hip got a little bit worse each year,’ she wrote online.

“12 years ago I was told it needed to be replaced but the surgery was daunting ! And I had things to do!

“But quarantine put a damper on any plans so I decided to finally take time for myself and do something about the pain that had progressively influenced my decisions.

“I wanted to be ready to be able to say yes to opportunity. I had my surgery at Thanksgiving and I was dancing in my kitchen by New Years Eve and today I put on my long fins and explored the coral reefs propelled by my new hip.”

Christie Brinkley attends Cocktails and a Conversation with the Stars of Lifetime's "American Beauty Star" featuring host and executive producer Ashley Graham, mentor Sir John and judges Christie Brinkley and Leah Wyar on January 17, 2019 in New York City.
Christie recently revealed she had hip replacement surgery. Photo: Getty Images
Christie Brinkley on a boat
She uploaded this image showing a band aid on her hip. Photo: Instagram/Christie Brinkley

She urged her fans not to put off things that could improve their wellbeing out of fear, writing: “I suggest learning as much as you can about the process and the results and expectations.”

Back in 2019, Christie said she credits her “rainbow diet” and being an older mum for helping her look and feel young.

“The biggest milestones for me were my three kids. Those were the biggest moments of my life,” she told Yahoo.

“I was an older mom, but I wanted to be involved in their lives and do things like ski, paddleboard, kayak, play tennis with them,” Christie explained of how her children influenced her to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

“I think their youthful energy inspires me to take care of myself to be there when they have their babies!”

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